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GPU prices fall due to the collapse of cryptocurrency markets

The price of specialized graphics processing units (GPUs) is declining along with the decline in prices in digital currency markets, Computerworld reported on July 10th.

While at the end of 2017 and at the beginning of 2018 the extraction of cryptocurrencies caused a sharp rise in the price of high-end gaming cards, the trend seems to have reversed as the crypto markets continue to fall.

The prices of the add-on (AIB) are decreasing and supplies are rising due to a sharp drop in cryptocurrency prices. Jon Peddie Research's digital media director C. Robert Dow told Computerworld that they predicted the decline, adding that "the cost of managing mining platforms is not insignificant, so when the price of currencies falls … people will manage rig and choose to download AIB on the secondary market hoping to recover costs. "

A poll conducted by Jon Peddie Research revealed that cryptic miners purchased over 3 million AIB for an amount of $ 776 million in 2017, most of which had been produced by AMD, a manufacturer of semiconductor microprocessors and computers . At the end of 2017 and at the beginning of the current year, many high-end expansion cards were depleted, leading to higher prices.

According to Computerworld, in April, the AMD's six-pack RX 580 OEM 4GB was sold out for $ 3,600, while today it's available for $ 2,500. An Nvidia GeForce GTX 1080 Founders Edition, an 8GB GDDR5X PCI Express 3.0 graphics card was sold for $ 1,050 but can now be purchased for $ 709. Dow commented on the changes:

"We also suspect that Nvidia and AMD have invented inventories, and this will also apply to ASPs. Before the AIB acquisition wave for cryptocurrency extraction, AIB's prices have declined slightly, a trend that will continue at least until new card families are introduced. "

The recent fall in prices has not deterred manufacturers from releasing new cryptocurrency mining hardware. In May, the US hardware manufacturer ASUS announced the release of its "second generation" cryptocurrency "motherboard mining", which should be launched at the beginning of the third quarter of 2018.

In April, Chinese technology giant Bitmain announced the release of an ASIC Ethash miner, calling it "the most powerful and efficient miner EtHash ASIC". Bitmain outperformed the US manufacturer Nvidia in terms of total profits in 2017, earning about $ 3-4 billion and 70-80 percent of the market for Bitcoin miners and ASICs (BTCs).

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