Google changes the rules! Free unlimited storage on Photos ends


One of the great advantages of Google and its services is in the way they manage users’ space. The search giant allows you to store images and videos without space limits, as long as certain rules are followed.

Now, and in an irrevocably announced decision, this unique offer will disappear. Google has changed the rules and unlimited storage on Photos will be removed and you will have to respect the limits of each account.

Google Photos Unlimited Storage Rules

Google has changed the archiving rules

This is something new that Google Photos users won't like. Since it was introduced 5 years ago, this service has been serving users on their smartphones to save captured photos at any time.

More than a repository, this service is also a place where these images can be viewed and managed. Its great advantage is the unlimited space it offers, as long as the images are with the standard quality of this service.

Google Photos Unlimited Storage Rules

Google Photos has new rules

Google is now changing the rules and starting June 1, 2021, all space occupied will be counted towards 15GB of storage (account basis). This means that new images, regardless of their quality, start taking up your space.

Since all is not bad news, the images uploaded before keep their state and do not count towards the volume of space occupied. To justify this decision is the idea that few users use more of the space offered by Google in Photos.

Unlimited storage runs out for everyone

To help manage this space, Google presents a page where users can check that value. In addition to the space occupied, there is also an estimate on the coming months and the occupation to be made.

This is less good news for Google Photos users. Used to not having to worry about this handling, now they have to be careful with what is sent and take up the essential space.

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