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Google blocks "Ethereum" ads in the latest cryptographic blacklist

It is said that Google is blocking ads containing the word "Ethereum", in the last example of the blacklist ads of the search platform in the cryptocurrency space.

The development was reported for the first time by Decenter, an intelligent security control startup based in Belgrade. According to a tweet, the company claimed to have noticed "a hard stop" on ads containing references to "Ethereum", including terms such as "Ethereum security checks".

decentralize tweeted: "We are seeing an abrupt break in Google ads that contain" Ethereum "as a keyword in the last two days." Is anyone else noticing the same change? [sic] have new changes to the @GoogleAds rules been introduced? "

First published on January 10th, the tweet got a response from the Google Ads account, which said that while cryptocurrency exchanges could serve ads targeting the United States and Japan, there may be difficulties in advertising in other markets, observing: "Advertisers can promote cryptocurrency exchanges targeting the US and Japan, so you may not be able to post ads to other countries. I hope this helps."

After Decenter made it clear that they were not promoting Ethereum as a cryptocurrency, nor were they a cryptocurrency exchange, the Google account urged them to consult the Cryptocurrencies section in their terms and conditions:

"While we would not be able to confirm in advance if your keyword is suitable for generating advertisements, we recommend that you refer to the" Cryptocurrencies "section of our financial products and services policy."

The discussion of the matter turned to Reddit, where Decenter joined others who had suffered the same sudden closure of announcements related to Ethereum. Some users have pointed to the complicated policy around Google's cryptocurrencies, which saw the company swinging from completely free publicity to a generalized ban last year, before easing the policy of some skilled advertisers.

"Google has various political and economic programs, and they are quite willing to use their various services to promote their preferences, and AdSense and YouTube are known for this, but there have also been some incidents involving the Play Store."

Others claimed that the development was linked to the proliferation of scams on ethereum and Segwit, which were attributed to the decision to limit the announcement of relevant terms on the Google platform in the wake of the general ban.

According to Decenter, the problem also affects other advertisers. He said: "We are aware of at least five different competitors who have shown Google ads for search phrases such as" Ethereum smart contract audit ", which has stopped showing at the same time."

Note: Tokens on the Bitcoin Core (segwit) chain are called BTC coins. Bitcoin Satoshi Vision (BSV) is today the only implementation of Bitcoin following the original whitepaper of Satoshi Nakamoto for Peer to Peer Electronic Cash. Bitcoin BSV is the only major public blockchain that maintains the original Bitcoin vision as fast and frictionless electronic money.

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