Goodbye Germany (Vox): Celebrity of the summer residence of the passionate stars of Prince Karl-Heinz’s mansion


Goodbye Germany (Vox): Georgina Fleur of the summer residence of the stars is fond of the villa of Prince Karl-Heinz Richard von Sayn-Wittgenstein (66) in Mallorca.

Majorca – Prince Karl-Heinz Richard von Sayn-Wittgenstein took care: The self-made millionaire from Munich became famous throughout Germany through the Vox emigrant series “Goodbye Germany”. Above all, his separation from his wife Andrea (57) caused a sensation among fans of the documentary. * reported.

Farewell German star Fürst-Karl Heinz had disappeared without a trace

Georgina Fleur is fond of Prince Karl-Heinz’s villa in Mallorca.

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In July 2020, the prince made headlines again: after the Separation from Mrs. Andrea Prince Karl-Heinz had disappeared without a trace. The reason for his retirement from the public was probably the emotion-deprived rollercoaster ride. After all, the millionaire had introduced himself Mallorca in his villa lives, in love with a significantly younger woman – and therefore not just rooted understanding.

“The Summer House of the Stars” -Zicke Georgina Fleur loved the villa of Prince Karl-Heinz

Now it is Oberzicke of all people Georgina Fleur (30) from the summer house of the stars lover of the prince’s villa “Goodbye Germany” in Mallorca (These emigrants failed mercilessly – bankruptcy, separation and homesickness). The controversial influencer recently broke up with her boyfriend Kubilay Ozdemir (41) getrennt. Now the Heidelberg TV star has already been seen with a new man, as reported by

Georgina Fleur loved Prince Karl-Heinz’s Villa Colani

Just a week after the Wars of the Roses on social media, Georgina Fleur is already back on the men’s show. Regarding the separation, the 30-year-old said she was from Kubi was deceived, lied to, insulted and beaten to hospital maturity. A few days later, Georgina Fleur was seen alongside a new man. As reports, the participant in the “Summer House of the Stars” in 2020 looked at some hot spots on the island.

I am Nobel marina Puerto Portals Georgina and her partner are said to have had a romantic dinner. And they should be the ones offered for sale over and over again Villa Colani of Prince Karl-Heinz Richard von Sayn-Wittgenstein visited. Most of the time, however, the two spent privately on a motor yacht.

The Villa Colani has an estimated value of 25 million euros. The new man alongside Georgina Fleur doesn’t seem to be short of money. It is not known why the prince would like to get rid of the villa.

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