“Goodbye Germany” star unpack Andrej Mangold – Shows his true character


“Goodbye Germany” star Chris Töpperwien (46) unpacks a spicy story about “Summer House of the Stars” participant Andrej Mangold (33) – demonstrates the basketball player’s arrogant character.

Bocholt – The sun shone almost every day for the native Hanoverian Andrej Mangold (33): National basketball player, “The Bachelor *” 2019 on RTL and then influencer friend Jenny Lange looks good.

Unfortunately this is only a facade, as it turned out after a few hours in the “Summer House of the Stars *”. Andrei and Jenny showed their ugly bully faces and verbally beaten for so long Eva Benetatou and friend Chris until the Bachelor finalist burst into tears in front of the cameras. Extratipp.com * reported the incidents.

Parting with Andrej Mangold and Jenny Lange?

But as the saying goes: Karma is a …… After the derailments at the stars’ summer house in Bocholt, dark clouds of karma have fallen on former Bayern Munich basketball player: Was there a separation between Andrej Mangold and Jenny? A former bachelor friend unpacked and provided information about the famous couple’s relationship who lost some advertising contracts due to bullying.

Chris Töpperwien now unpacking through Andrej Mangold.

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“Goodbye Germany” star Chris Töpperwien opens the bags through Andrej Mangold.

But fate is a bad traitor. Now “Goodbye Germany” star Chris Töpperwien is also unpacking his degree. Magdalena Kalley’s husband (married since 2014) tells a story in an interview with promiflash.de that tells the makes evident the arrogant character of the handsome boy.

Chris Töpperwien takes over the restraint for RTL during commercial breaks at the stars’ summer house. The currywurst vendor also got in touch with Andrej Mangold. Bachelor Chris Töpperwien is directly “relatively dominant and a bit arrogant “ occurred.

Chris Töpperiwen describes Andrej Mangold’s arrogant behavior as “ridiculous”.

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“He forwarded me directly to some operators via voice message for the request to participate in the live streaming. Can’t decide that. Laughable! ”The 46-year-old said in an interview with Promiflash.de. With her previous guests like Natascha Ochsenknecht or Jürgen Milski, the star of the Vox program “Goodbye Germany” has never experienced such behavior.

“Everyone acts as is and must also expect it to be broadcast and […] sometimes we piss outside. “

Chris Töpperwien on Andrej Mangold

Andrej Mangold justified himself after passing on the consequences of the “Summer house of the stars“And it made the RTL cut responsible for the seemingly constant bullying attacks against Eva Benetatou. Chris Töpperwien states: “Everyone acts for who they are and should expect it to be broadcast and […] sometimes he pisses out. “

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