“God forbid I’m dying of COVID!”


Dan Bittman, the lead singer of the band Holograf, is at the center of a huge scandal. The artist vehemently defied the restrictions and said he was convinced that the situation of the COVID-19 epidemic is not the one presented by the authorities. His statements went viral online and caused numerous reactions.

Dan Bittman, to the interviews with Gândul: “If the mask protects us so much, why don’t you let people come to the theater with the masks, or to concerts, to sit next to each other, because it’s not a problem. People they’re in the subway … There must have been Tens of thousands of dead.

My mouth is dirty and I dare to say it and that’s what I’ll do until I close my eyes, by COVID. God forbid I’m dying of COVID. I really don’t want to live in conditions like these anymore, because they are degrading and dehumanizing. I express my opinion and I will say it out loud. It’s not possible, it’s too much “.

Gabriel Diaconu: Cu safety has no medical training

A harsh reaction came the psychiatrist Gabriel Diaconu: “I can understand that man has a musical education, but he certainly has no medical education“.

“Look around you. Until a century ago, medicine was too little different from medicine and spells, its only weak attempts, mediocre results. After things have changed so much,

They will change this time too.

The only ones left are the people’s doubt, fear and obstinacy in the face of the Hippocratic spirit.

Show a little reverence to all those who, these days, offer their minds every day to solve the physical suffering of the man in difficulty. Or judge them, but not before having answered, in the mirror, the question: you, you, when have you ever healed a man? “, wrote the doctor on his Facebook page.

Dan Teodorescu: “But if you are still smart, come on, be good!”

Also, Dan Teodorescu, the soloist of the Taxi band, sent a message on his Facebook page in the form of text.

It is aimed at those who do not believe in the existence of the virus and do not respect the minimum protection measures, such as wearing a mask in public spaces.

The post garnered a lot of reactions from followers, but it also attracted the attention of the media, who assumed the lyrics were, in fact, a response to Dan Bittman’s statements.

Dan Teodorescu returned to the topic and announced that the poem was not dedicated to Bittman, but to all those who do not wear a mask.

“You are smart and you know there is no pandemic;
The dead are made of pen, dude, you know.
But the problem is, not everyone is as smart as you are.
The country is full of stupid (very stupid) like me.
That’s why we ask you, in chorus, to also wear a mask.
What to do to them, our weak mind can do so much.
But if you’re still smart, come on, be good!
Especially since Christmas is close at hand.
Do a good deed for fools during the holidays:
Wear a mask! We will be grateful to you. “, Is part of Dan Teodorescu’s message.

Publisher: Georgiana Marina


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