GNTM winner leaves the gym due to Heidi Klum


In 2014 Stefanie Giesinger was named the most beautiful girl in Germany by Heidi Klum. Six years later, the GNTM winner avoids her model mom.

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Stefanie Giesinger is one of the most successful winners of “Germany’s Next Top Model”. Six years ago, the Kaiserslautern student won the ninth season of the casting show. The 24-year-old is still fine, and occasionally appears in new episodes of GNTM as well.

“Now it’s official for me”

One might think that Heidi Klum and Stefanie Giesinger get along well and have a close relationship. But now the 2014 GNTM winner has run away from her model mom, as she revealed to her fans in her Instagram story. You can see the video above or Here.

“Now it’s official for me: I’m the strangest and strangest person on the entire planet”, begins Stefanie Giesinger. “Some more information: I feel as ugly and insecure as I have never felt before.” Sometimes it just has these days, but today it’s especially bad.

“I turn around and leave”

Then the model starts saying, “I run to the gym – and which of all people, of all people on this planet is in the gym? Heidi Klum”. Stefanie Giesinger was shocked. “And what do I do? I don’t stop, greet her and say ‘hello’. I turn around and leave.” This is due to her current lack of self-confidence. “I didn’t want her to be disappointed with who she chose six years ago,” continues the model.

Six years ago, Heidi Klum chose the student as the new GNTM winner.  (Source: imago images)Six years ago, Heidi Klum chose the student as the new GNTM winner. (Source: imago images)

Stefanie Giesinger finds herself in an uncomfortable situation. “Because I can’t just be a normal person just saying, ‘Oh, hi. It’s good to see you. I don’t look good today. No, I turn around and go and embarrass myself. Oh God, when Heidi sees it. She’ll find it embarrassing. “

Heidi Klum is the dearest person ever and she certainly wouldn’t have thought of anything bad when she saw her, but she was just insecure. “Now I’m going home and I’m still ashamed.”

Heidi Klum went to Berlin with her whole family a few days ago. The 47-year-old will live here with her parents, husband and four children while filming the new season of GNTM.


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