GMO's Internet Encryption Company Forces Cash Drawings in Bitcoin Cash (BCH)

  The Internet encryption company of GMO ceases bitcoin mining in cash (BCH)

The crypto-mining enterprise, the Internet of GMO yields the money in bitcoins [BCH] Extraction [19659003] A published paper revealed that the Japanese mining company Bitcoin, GMO Internet has stopped extracting BCH. The document was first discussed during "The Bitcoin Knowledge Podcast", and shows that the company has not excluded any BCHs in April 2018. This year, February is the only one. month in which GMO Internet has seen productions increase by almost 287. [19659004] The guest of the podcast, Trace Mayer tweeted the news with a screenshot nicknamed, "Crypto Mining Business: Monthly Report for July 2018". It turns out that the July hash rate has not improved compared to the previous month (sitting at 384). This could indicate a possible lack of interest on the part of BCH by the company, or greater importance attributed to Bitcoin.

In addition to the BCH extraction, the Internet interest for GMO on Bitcoin was also highlighted [BTC]. The production of BTC has increased since December 2017, when the company went from 21 BTC to 568 of July 2018.

Mayer's tweet questioned the reason for this production interruption and mentioned: [19659006] Why GMO Internet changes all extraction capacity to $ BTC from $ BCH ? Only ~ $ 37.867 for a 51% $ BCH attack of an hour? Does the DARI report take into account the maturation times of the blocks? Fork Nov? What could happen with this $ 9 testnet? Sure it's fun to watch! 😂 💩

– Trace Mayer (@TraceMayer) 24 August 2018

In response to Mayer's tweet, a Twitter user (@monerotrader) mentioned why GMO's Internet may have interrupted the BCH extraction, and seems a strategic move by the former. In particular, it was noted that the OGM was:

Either the company sees BCH as vulnerable to attack or does not consider it to be profitable in any way.

According to CCN, GMO originally planned to scale its operations to 3,000PH / s by December, but effective action shows that the company may fail to do so. This is the same company that sold the first bitcoin mining chip (B2), which has since sold out. Currently it is possible to pre-order a developed version, called B3, which seems a suitable competitor against Bitmain's Antminer S9, which supports a Power hash of 14TH / s – almost half of B3.

What are your opinions on the arrest of GMOs in BCH extraction? Were they able to move back earlier due to low profitability? Share under

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