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Global cryptocurrency merchant payment system?


The rapid rise of cryptocurrency, and in particular Bitcoin, has succeeded in attracting investors who sought to make profits from digital currencies. Over the last year, the acceptance of cryptocurrency has now outperformed the typical use as a distributed ledger and is now about to become more a means of payment. Coincidentally, traders are also looking for the use of cryptocurrency for their commercial transactions through some options.

As a result, even more traders are looking for these cryptographic-based payment services to keep up with the cryptocurrency craze among the population. If you are a trader who intends to exploit this disruptive potential of blockchain technology, then the next payment portal could affect your financial transactions.

What is it about ClickDirectPay

Click on Direct payment is an advanced payment platform that is based on improving the basic functionality of cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin in their financial transactions. This will involve the platform that offers economic systems based on cryptocurrency and the blockchain application widely used to provide payment sets for merchants. Click on Direct payment aims to revolutionize the world of financial technology by offering an innovative cryptographic platform that will work on a set of modular tools for merchants.

The installation and how it works

The ClickDirectPay system will rely on a perfect integration of the API that will work with the Express Coin payment service. This means that most security protocols will have little concern when it comes to transaction security. To allow merchants to start receiving payment through the solution, you must first have a free account with ClickDirectPay.

Once the customer physically purchases the goods from the merchant, he can choose to pay using the cryptocurrency. The cryptodes in use include Bitcoin, Litecoin, Ethereum and Bitcoin money. This means that they have to make the payment on the payment portal of ClickDirectPay and send the encrypted to the addresses provided. With the transfer credit, the trader has the option to keep it in the portfolio or withdraw for self-management.

Are you going to make money?

Several factors derive from the use of a standard and decentralized payment platform. For a merchant, here are some of the positive aspects of the Click Direct Pay module.

  • Low rates: ClickDirectPay is set only to charge a transaction fee of 0.5%. Furthermore, there is no registration, monthly or support expenses to the user.
  • The global reach of customers: the use of blockchain technology guarantees real-time payment remittances without borders and acceptance portal.
  • Confidentiality: customers can send payments without the need for too much information about their details
  • Low risk of frauds: the irreversible design of cryptocurrency payments does not allow charging charges to guarantee the security of funds.
  • Investment opportunities: ClickDirectPay allows companies to act like their banks by holding their cryptocurrency, which is a viable investment option
  • Constant operations: 365 days and the 24 hour service runs on ClickDirectPay to guarantee regular payments at any time

The conclusion

There is not much hype around the use of ClickDirectPay in the crypto community. However, this does not mean that the project lacks profitability. If you are a merchant, you can easily give up using the platform services for the convenience of your customers. But keep in mind that there is no guarantee with regard to the security of the payment solution, since there is no technology that appears to be tampered with or error-proof.

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