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Ginko rumors say Russia's $ 10 billion bitcoin investment is "ridiculous"

The economist who told the media that Russia was planning to buy $ 10 billion bitcoin has faithfully defended its remarks in the face of the criticism that followed.

& # 39; Who denied? Vladimir Putin? & # 39;

Speaking at the Australian news channel micky, who first reported the story at the beginning of this month, Vladislav Ginko rejected the reactions that questioned his reliability.

"The most ridiculous claim was that Russia had denied that it wanted to buy Bitcoin," he said on 21 January.

The logical question is who has denied it? The President of Russia Vladimir Putin?

A sense of disbelief pervaded the cryptocurrency news and social media when Ginko became public with his information.

According to the economist, the re-purchase by the Kremlin could begin within a few weeks, while Russia tries to separate itself from dependence on the US dollar.

"I believe that Russia (Government) will start diversifying its reserves with Bitcoin in February this year, when the US Congress will introduce a new sanction against Russia," he said earlier.

Ginko is somehow known for his Bitcoin predictions. In November, he suggested the price of Bitcoin would have fallen to $ 2 million in 2019 after touching the minimum of $ 1500 – $ 2000.

Russia launches cryptocurrency tests

If true, the rediscovered fondness for Bitcoin would have added to the seemingly contradictory position taken by the cryptocurrency by Russian officials in recent years.

A combination of local bans and warnings mixed up with flashes of bullish support have created for investors a blurry gray area for investors in the absence of official regulations for much of the space.

Russian cryptocurrency

This week, however, the ministries revealed that they had sanctioned the cryptographic tests for settlements before signing the regulations in law by the end of February.

The scheme, local information point Izvestiya reports, aims to assist legislators in building "necessary laws" to govern the emerging sector.

Last week, Anatoly Aksakov, chairman of the financial markets committee of the Russian parliament, the Duma, which now supports cryptographic tests, also announced the intention to issue a blocklain version of the Russian ruble by 2022.

"The opinion is that this ruble will not differ in any way from the fiat ruble, except that it will exist on the Blockchain," he told the media.

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