Garmin introduces a smart watch for gamers: Garmin Instinct eSports Edition


In general Garmin produces watches designed for those with an active lifestyle, those who spend a lot of time hiking and activities that burn calories. Well, the company just released a file watch the players and not just any player, but also those involved in eSports competitions. Is called Garmin Instinct ESports Edition and we have details about it below.

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At the base is a classic smartwatch, with health monitoring functions, only it also offers useful metrics for players. Apparently the way he monitors stress can help a competitive player who earns from his passion have better control over his mind. Not to mention that the lifestyle of eSports players is chaotic and can be adjusted with this wearable. Garmin Instinct eSports can make sleep more restful and effective, control physical activity and increase a player’s mental performance.

Its body is MIL-STD 810 certified and is reminiscent of the Garmin Solar Instinct design. It offers 80 hours of battery life in eSports mode or 14 days in classic mode. Garmin has also created STR3AMUP!, A PC streaming tool that will allow gamers to broadcast their biometrics to fans. They’ll see in real time how heart rate or stress levels increase during a tough Fortnite match or League of Legends final. And since it’s Garmin, we also have advanced GPS, with precise location, but also tracking for 30 activities and sports modes.

It has a pulse sensor, 5 physical buttons, black and white dial, notifications. The product costs 300 euros.

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