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“When you grow up with such a great rider, with a legend like that, you record things without me telling you,” says Aragon winner Franco Morbidelli of his mentor Valentino Rossi.

With his second win of the season, Franco Morbidelli of the Petronas Yamaha team worked his way up to fourth in the world championship at Aragon. With three races to go, the Italian is only 25 points behind the leader Joan Mir of the Suzuki factory team. «Soft» knows that this year everything is possible for him.

Franco, what would you have said if someone had told you at the beginning of the season that you were now fourth in the World Cup?

Being fourth at this end of the championship is fantastic. This is MotoGP, I dreamed of it as a child. I still dreamed of it last year or two years ago. But when you’re suddenly in the game, you want more. This is what I push for – always. At the beginning of the season I didn’t want to make any predictions, I wanted to go out on the track and give my best.

How do you compare your driving style with that of your teammate Fabio Quartararo?

This is difficult. It has a different bike, the new Yamaha has different strengths and weaknesses from my bike. We can hardly compare the data, they are so different. We know that Fabio is an aggressive rider, I ride softer.

You have been working with Valentino Rossi for a long time. What advice do you have when it comes to winning the title?

There is no single statement. When you grow up with such a great driver, with such a legend, you record things without him telling you. You can see how he reacts and copes with situations. I spent so much time with him that I took on certain things. I always wonder what Vale would do in a given situation. Always does the right maneuver at the right time.

If you look at how it went for Vinales and Quartararo in the last two races, should you be Yamaha’s No. 1 in the title fight?

It’s funny: I wasn’t in the title fight yesterday, after the victory I’m the main actor.

We all need to focus on doing our job in the best possible way. There are three riders fighting for the title at Yamaha – Yamaha should work hard for all three.


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