Forecast of the daily price of Binance Coin (BNB) – 5 December

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BNB / USD medium-term trend: bullish

Distribution territories: $ 7.50, $ 8, $ 8.50
Accumulation territories: $ 4.50, $ 4, $ 3.50

Binance Coin rebounded strongly from the US market valuation since yesterday, while both the central and the 50-day SMA have been surpassed to the north to touch the upper Bollinger band. Both of the two closest dimensional zones of the past week have now been canceled due to the strong driving force of the crypto in the current market.

During last week's trading sessions, the crypto-market reached $ 5.50 up to a portion of yesterday's early trading hours. The upper Bollinger has been subjected to an intense stretching effort by the BNB. The central band of Bollinger is located a little above the 50-day SMA. Stochastic oscillators have traversed the radius 75 to indicate the north direction below it.

The bulls are making a strong effort to consolidate their position in the market, but the $ 5.50 is the brand that suggests a downward trend.

BNB / USD short-term trend: bullish

At the start of this week's trading session, the BNB / USD market has moved into a mode that goes up to yesterday's morning sessions. There was a spike in the 50-day SMA trendline to touch the upper Bollinger Band.

The crypt has now continued to build its driving force against the upper Bollinger Band as the $ 6.50 mark was the contender point to break north to further sustain its uptrend. The 50-day SMA is located under the Bollinger Bands. Stochastic oscillators have penetrated the overbought zone.

However, the bulls may soon relax their strength for a while, but the $ 5.50 score is the point that could signal the end of the current bullish movement if fiercely broken to the south.

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