Florin Bratu returns to Dinamo? “It’s hard to refuse, to leave the club hard!”


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In these conditions, the Strada group “Ștefan cel Mare” has important opportunities to put themselves in the hands of a new coach. A surprise name on the Spanish shareholder list would be Florin Bratu (40).

Florin Bratu, ready to return to Dinamo

Free contract after closed the accounts with Concordia Chiajna, Bratu made it clear that he has important opportunities to return to the technical bench of his team soul.

“Dinamo has been, is and will always be in my soul. I will never refuse an offer, no matter where the club is. Now I will answer!”, said, enigmatically, Bratu, however digisport.ro.

Sources close to Digi Sport claim that Bogdan Bălănescu not only was not transferred to Dinamo by the new shareholders, as was rumored, but he still has the right to sign!

Bălănescu is the one who proposed Florin Bratu to replace Cosmin Contra. The officer’s argument in front of the Spaniards was that such a move would appeal to the fans, who would calm down in this way.

Secondly, it is hard to believe that a top-level manager is now taking over from Dinamo mid-season and in an extremely delicate scoring situation. After 10 stages, Dinamo have 6 points, one more than the Astra “torch”, and a goal difference on the ground: 9-14.

Before appointing a new manager, Dinamo must close their accounts with Cosmin Contra. It seems that the negotiation between the two sides, blocked last night, resumes today and there are great chances that eventually a separation will be reached.

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