Florian Silbereisen: Backstage video shows his luck – Schlager star shouts “cancel it”


Florian Silbereisen is far from alone, despite the separation from Helene Fischer. A backstage video also shows the star’s new fortune.

Munich – After ten years together, arguably the world’s greatest successful romance is over. Florian Silbereisen is Helene Fischer separated at the end of 2018. The Bat– The queen found her new happiness relatively quickly. But KLUBBB3 TV presenter and singer Florian Silbereisen has lived alone ever since. After the separation, they both went on different career paths. While Helene Fischer has been braking ever since, Flori literally threw herself into work.

Florian Silbereisen throws himself into the opera Schlager

In addition to his previous television shows in ARD has expanded its portfolio and moderated others MDR– Transmissions. Also, there was his role as captain in the ZDF series “Dream shipAnd by the way, the presenter has also established himself as a successful singer. He first went on stage alongside Jan Smit and Christoff as KLUBBB3. Flori is currently very successful with former Modern Talking star Thomas Anders. an interview with the Bunter, Silbereisen once confirmed that there is a connection between her huge workload and the separation: “If Helene and I hadn’t broken up, maybe I wouldn’t have been hired on the ‘dream ship’ , because it means that you can often and for a long time is away from home. But that’s the way it was, I faced myself and my work a bit ”.

Florian Silbereisen: “Flirting is beautiful”

But when it comes to love, there has been no official news from Helene’s separation. However, Florian Silbereisen said: “I go around the world openly. If it should happen, it will happen. Flirting is cool. I’m not going to go to the monastery, “the hit said to the colored one too.

However, Silbereisen doesn’t seem unhappy. It seems that he found happiness in the Schlager world with a number of colleagues. In his programs, as well as in appearances as a singer and in his social media posts, the presenter appears happy and active. The world of the Schlager is however known as a big family. The great actors of the scene are seen more or less every few weeks at joint television shows or concerts. Even in the Corona crisis, musicians still met on television programs.

Florian Silbereisen backstage video goes around – call “delete that”

And in this cosmos Florian Silbereisen is certainly the center of attention. Even in the videos, which are increasingly reaching fans via social media, it’s clear how many of the artists get along. Now a backstage video is running around that was shot some time ago.

VoXXclub guys Linda Fäh and Julia Lindholm took part in the KLUBBB3 tour “The Great Schlagerfest”. An Insta story from the voXXclub site is now being released online, where Silbereisen and Co. are apparently sitting at a table on the tour at the time and are clearly enjoying themselves. Since these clips are only available on the Instagram page for 24 hours, they are no longer visible there.

The camera switches from Silbereisen to Swedish singer Julia Lindholm as the voXXclub director calls her “Bus, bus.” Probably an invitation to say hello to Schlager fans. Florian Silbereisen shouts laughing “delete that”.

While voices of love are often stirred around Flori, one thing becomes clear in this case: Florian Silbereisen seems to have found happiness with his fellow Schlager, who are not only colleagues, but often also friends. (rjs)

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