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The eleven-year-old son of Sundar Pichai shows a deep knowledge of the crypt, explaining the difference between the best coins

The son of the CEO of Google, Ethineum on home PC, Tutoring Father on Crypto


While attending the DealBook conference hosted by the New York Times earlier this week, Google CEO Sundar Pichai was asked about his opinion on the dependence of children on electronic gadgets and the Internet. The outstanding technology entrepreneur, who owns a net worth of $ 650 million, has admitted that the amount of electronic devices in families in the West is growing quite rapidly. He responded with an example of his personal life.

Pichai's son extracts crypto in silence

The technology giant's leader told the audience that during one of his family's dinners he started talking about Bitcoin in the context that Pichai did not specify. However, he was interrupted by his 11-year-old son, who told his dad that he was actually talking about Ethereum, not Bitcoin, confusing the two coins.

The son of this very famous technical guru turned out to be a real "brainbox" telling his father that he was actually confining ETH using nothing but the computer in their home, without any ASIC device or another server, right under his father's nose.

Curiously, as for Pichai, his son understands the way crypt works better than fiat and the CEO had to explain to the boy how the traditional financial system works.

Social media reports that Pichai is not the only one in Google's top management team whose children are well informed about Blockchain and Crypto.

Sergey Brin's son joins the band

In mid-summer of 2018, the news reports reported that co-founder of Google's 10-year-old son Sergey Brin had also pulled out ETH, the coin that seems to be Brin's favorite. However, Sergey admitted that the "mine" in his home was a joint venture between him and his son.

Apparently, they had purchased a gaming PC at the boy's request but Sergey Brin suggested then to install a cryptor miner on it. His son made him interested in Crypto and Brin started looking into the problem. He admits that Google is not at the forefront of Blockchain and digital assets but identifies these technologies in a fascinating way.

Google is studying the topic

Sergey also added that a Google X search division is now engaged in the study of open ledger technology and the benefits it can bring to people's daily lives.

  • Sat, 11/03/2018 – 12:30 (updated)

  • 212
  • Yuri Molchan

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