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Five Bitcoin board games

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Bitcoin is very addicting. For those who come to know and love cryptocurrency, sending, receiving and whistling are often not enough. Soon, they crave Bitcoin, which leads to other Bitcoin-based accessories, from stickers to hardware portfolios. The final final, for a handful that hooks to the P2P cryptocurrency, is to invest in a branded bulletin board or in a card game.

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Bitcoin board games are still in their infancy

Just like Bitcoin around 2011, Bitcoin board games are still a little bit approximate. What is expected from a niche research based on what is still a niche asset class. It will take another long run of bulls and higher than ever before the in-laws are receptive to playing Bitcoin board games around the dining table. Meanwhile, a number of niche-based Bitcoin games are available for diehards who are unwilling to wait for Hasbro to release their own encryption game.

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Bitcoin Empire

One of the first Bitcoin games to gain a lot of traction, Bitcoin Empire is a fast-paced card game in which players compete to collect as many bitcoins as possible. Character cards come with law enforcement, coding and marketing skills, while attack cards are marked as Hack, lawsuit or smear campaign. Ultimately, if the game were to be re-released today, it would probably be nicknamed "FUD". First profiled by in beginning of 2017The Bitcoin empire is scarce these days, although certain investigators should be able to track down a copy on Ebay. also has a complete profile of "the first Bitcoin card game in the world".

Bitcoin Empire: To the Moon 2.0

Bitcoin Empire must have reached an agreement with some, as the creator David Thomas is back with a sequel. Like its predecessor, To The Moon 2.0 was financed through Kickstarter and is ready to ship in February 2018. Described as "a bitcoin card game and a conspiracy that the moon landings are fake", the game is based on the card-based model of the character and the original abilities , but throws references to cultural events and news for greater purity.

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Cryptocurrency: the board game

This game he raised $ 15,000 via Kickstarter last year, which is quite impressive for a bear market. With the invocation of "To deceive your opponents in the purchase of cryptocurrency scams while trading, mines and rumormonger to riches", Cryptocurrency: The Board Game certainly captures the spirit of the scene. The game requires 2-4 players to take on the role of CEO of a fintech startup trying to exchange and encrypt my encrypted. Tasks include recruitment experts, shitcoin dumping and solving "cryptographic" mining algorithms. For some players, the game will provide a pleasant distraction from cryptocurrency trading in real life; for others, a depressing reminder.

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Crypto Millionaire

Surely dreamed of the height of the bull market craze, Crypto Millionaire It is the umpteenth Kickstarter launch that should start raising this month. The game seems rudimentary, even for the humble standards of the Bitcoin board games, with the ICO cards that are likely to prove too much for holders of stomach bags.


The simple name of Crypto is a strategic board game inspired by cryptocurrencies that has now grown over $ 2000 Indiegogo. Playing "requires that you know absolutely nothing about cryptocurrencies", which will be reassuring for the type of participants who were accumulating ripples and logs in this period last year. Rumors, Hacks, Sell-off and Hard Forks are the names of the four event cards of the game, while a variety of auction methods – Dutch, English, Vickrey and fixed price – will teach players that there is more of a way to pay the odds of a good.

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In addition to the games described above, there is also the unofficial version of Crypto Monopoly, which is a reditor derided towards the end of 2017. As a look at the selected playing spaces and their respective positions at the scoreboards, much can happen in the cryptosphere in 12 months. For players unimpressed by the current crop of Bitcoin board games, there is an alternative – create your own and then convince the crypto community to buy.

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