Find out how the XRP-Wirex partnership is changing people's lives


There is a specific reason why cryptocurrencies have been created: speed, security and control. Think about it for a moment. When you have a cryptocurrency proven to be XRP, you get a mix of speed, security and control. It is not your SWIFT type of cross-border speed.

Here I am talking about transactions that are resolved in three or four seconds at most. We've seen it happen from time to time and you can read about our recent post when Western Union used XRP and xRapid to send money from the United States to Mexico. Not only has it been profitable for the company, but the level of customer satisfaction has been incomparable.

What is Wirex

Now, trying to get the same advantage, Wirex. Wirex is simply a conductor that allows a user to interact between the fiat and crypto currencies through a secure 3D debit card. What & # 39; other? The card is supported by over 40 million merchants in over 200 countries worldwide.

As long as you own XRP, you can easily deposit until the company has operations within your jurisdiction. If not, you can buy XRP and since there is a new integration of the XRP wallet in Wirex, you can easily make deposits and this is the efficiency I'm talking about. With Wirex you can spend your XRP as a fiat, which means you can pay for things at the point of sale as long as you support the Wirex card. It's not all; you can connect your Wirex XRP portfolio to your debit or credit card and enjoy a number of other extra benefits if you're inside the European Economic Area (EEA) and avail of a verified account.

As users are growing big by the XRP-Wirex partnership

While the portfolio's integration XRP took place less than three weeks ago, XRP has an impact on lives of people. The fact is that the card provider said in less than 12 hours after publicizing their XRP support, $ 2 million of XRPs were deposited on their XRP portfolios.

Let's see the experiences of real people, using XRP via the Wirex app: [19659009] By paying for coffee using XRP, one user said that using XRP was great and it was just like using the contactless bank card.

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  • Some have recognized the speed of settlement of XRP they say took less than three seconds

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  • The settlement cross-border is almost immediate. A user can send XRP to Mumbai and since the settlement is almost instantaneous, his friend bought coffee using XRP received.
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