FC Bayern Munich: Crown whirl around Serge Gnabry! Crazy turn


After Serge Gnabry, FC Bayern Munich apparently have the second crown case in their ranks. In the meantime, there is good news from the international.

  • Serge Gnabry FC Bayern Munich tested positive for coronavirus.
  • Meanwhile there is probably another FCB positive corona test, but a second Gnabry test is said to have given a negative result.
  • This news ticker is constantly updated.

Update from October 25, 17:31: Serge Gnabry could be yours with immediate effect quarantine start! This confirmed the FC Bayern Sunday evening. The international player was initially tested positive for a corona infection last Tuesday and immediately went into home isolation.

“Since then, I’ve been with Gnabry In the following four days, further PCR tests were carried out, all of which produced a negative result “, the record sample now reports in a press release:” In addition, on Saturday yesterday and Sunday today a test of the antigen, both also showed negative result. The Munich health department is now speculating that last Tuesday’s positive PCR test was false positive and has therefore lifted the quarantine measures. “

So it can Gnabry join the team again on Monday. That he is already an option for the starting XI for the Champions League match next Tuesday at Lokomotiv Moscow will be a coach Hansi Flick I will probably decide on short notice.

FC Bayern Munich: Crown whirl around Serge Gnabry! Crazy turn

Update from October 24, 3:45 pm: That back and forth all around Serge Gnabry. Of the FC Bayern due against Atletico Madrid in the Champions League and against Eintracht Frankfurt in the Bundesliga due to a positive Coronatests do without its wing racer. “First of all, there is no reason to complain. It’s about dealing with the conditions in the best possible way, “said coach Hansi Flick before the match against Eintracht at the Allianz Arena. However, his following words have made us sit down and take note.” Now Serge’s test era twice negative, maybe it was false positive. The way it looks, it was a negative test. ”

“The last two tests were negative, including an antigen test this morning,” continued Flick. After consulting with the club’s specialists, it appears Gnabry has one before the Atletico match “Positive negative test” filed. On Tuesday, Bayern will continue in the premier class at Lokomotiv Moscow – so with Gnabry?

Serge Gnabry: Second crown test for Bayern star apparently negative

Update from 23 October, 6.58: Great excitement a FC Bayern Munich: It all started on Tuesday 21 October. Serge Gnabry got positive about this Coronavirus tested, had to go to quarantine. On Wednesday you swayed fast Atletico Madrid from. Then Thursday the second news of the horror: Bayern Physio Gianni Bianchi was according to the information of Image tested positive.

Also, rumors circulated on Thursday that a second crown test was taking place Gnabry tested negative. Does this mean that the turbo wing will be back in the field soon? A clear answer: no! The national player must be in solitary confinement for ten days after his first positive test. “Even further negative tests do not cancel this segregation,” explained a spokesperson for the Department of Health and the Environment of the City of Munich (RGU). Image.

What happens now with the Bayern? Gnabry will continue to be tested on a daily basis, but cannot be reused until October 31 against Cologne play. Then those ten days are up. IS whites? The 59-year-old is in quarantine in the CL vs. Athletic was not on duty. So the risk is probably low that it could have infected an FCB star.

Gnabry’s girl Sandra jerze meanwhile posted diligently on Instagram. In a story she can be seen in a skintight sports suit and writes “Negative AF Relax”. This means: a crown test on the Swiss model was negative.

FC Bayern Munich: second crown case – negative Gnabry test?

Update from October 22, 4:44 pm: Bad news from FC Bayern Munich: For Image-Information There is now a second crown case with record champions! Of all things Gianni Bianchi he should have tested positive – it’s him Physiotherapeut of the triple winner. Sure, it comes very close to the players in treatments.

A second crown test was included Serge Gnabry strong Image probably negative. The newspaper initially removed this information from its online article, which was later added again. There was initially no message from the FCB about it whites or Gnabry.

Serge Gnabry: Bayern star tested positive for coronavirus

Update from 22 October 2020, 7:00 am: After that Corona-Bank from National footballer Serge Gnabry hat Hansi Flick, Bayern coach before other weeks the British again stressed the importance of hygiene measures. “Other teams have already been hit. We must continue to adhere to the fact that we Hygiene rules respect and make sure we wear masks, keep our distance and really pay attention to things. There is no other way to protect us, ”Flick said after the 4-0 win in Monaco on Wednesday Champions League against Atlético Madrid.

Gnabry was missing in the German game Champions of the football record after a positive Corona-Testwhich was announced about 24 hours before the game. Other service providers were therefore not deleted. “We knew something like this is always possible, even with us,” Flick said. “The team did very well and showed a great performance.”

Serge Gnabry: The Bayern star tested positive for Corona – expert with a clear rating

Update from 21 October 2020, 6.43 am: According to Virologen Jonas Schmidt-Chanasit can the opening of the Champions League FC Bayern Munich versus Atlético Madrid notwithstanding coronary infection of Serge Gnabry occur. “With regular tests every day, you can rule out the possibility of a contagious player taking part. As long as everyone stays negative, daily tests can rule out the possibility of infections occurring there,” said Schmidt-Chanasit of the Bernhard Nocht Institute of Medicine. Tropical in Hamburg Sky.

When asked if other players may have already been infected, he replied: “No, it should be detected very soon, so to speak.” Of course, one of the players could still be in the incubation period, but one could infect the others through one. Clearly exclude the negative PCR test. You then have a fairly long window of time in which you can move freely and take part in a game. “But it may be that one of the contact persons may test positive after the game,” the scientist said.

Corona: Serge Gnabry tested positive: has the Champions League match been canceled?

Update October 20, 10:25 pm: Corona case a FC Bayern Munich – the horror scenario occurred. Serge Gnabry tested positive. And now?

Bayern should go against on Wednesday night Atletico Madrid in Champions League play. The initial situation: Positive crown tests within the team do not necessarily lead to the cancellation of the game. If there are at least 13 players available, the game must be played on the scheduled date. But if quarantine were ordered by the authorities for the entire team, it would no longer be possible.

FC Bayern Munich: positive crown test for Serge Gnabry – Atletico’s match will probably take place

Update from October 20, 21:10: Serge Gnabry hat Crown – and its Bayern it should be just a day later in Champions League versus Atletico Madrid to compete. How does it work?

According to the Spox reporter Kerry Hau | the first match of the group stage of CL will take place. This is currently assumed at least in FCB. Wednesday morning you should check if it is FC Bayern there are other corona cases.

Serge Gnabry: The Bayern star tested positive for coronavirus – posted a photo from a restaurant on Monday

First report of October 20, 20:06: Munich – Worrying news from FC Bayern Munich: Serge Gnabry got positive about this Coronavirus tested. The club announced on Tuesday evening. The DFB star is fine, currently in quarantine at home.

FC Bayern Munich initially did not communicate more. The reds are on Wednesday night Champions League asked, Atletico Madrid kicks off in Allianz Arena on. Can the game take place? There are currently no assessments in this regard. However: Hoffenheim striker Andrej Kramaric, for example, recently tested positive – the match against Dortmund took place.

After Ilkay Gündogan, Gnabry is the second player of the German national team to test positive. Spicy: Just yesterday, the FC Bayern offensive posted a photo of him on Instagram.

You can see him sitting at a dining table, probably in a restaurant. It is unclear whether this is a recent image. Gnabry wrote: “Let me taste my food in peace” – “Let me taste my food in peace”. (akl) * tz.de is part of the Ippen-Digital network.

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