FC Bayern: A brilliant idea brings fans back to the Allianz Arena? Rummenigge reveals a secret plan


The whole world is affected by the corona pandemic. However, professional football does its best to play and generate income.

Munich – Above the pitch-black night sky, under the deserted arenawhose gray wasteland looks even more menacing, almost ghostly, in the glow of the red neon light. In Champions League, where the Fröttmaninger Rund usually only comes to life with respect to the daily league rot, it became clear on Wednesday what football is missing these days: the Fan, the heart of this sport, without which nothing makes sense.

“Without the audience, it suffers Football culture huge “, so too Karl-Heinz Rummenigge. But he also knows: right now she has to suffer. There is no other way.

Corona crisis also hits Bayern: Rummenigge wants to “go out without major damage”

The first Corona-Bank in the club Serge Gnabry has the senses with CEO further sharpened. He is afraid. Just like the rest of the industry. “The Finances they are under pressure all over Europe, not just in football, but all over the world. Every company suffers from Corona. We all need to sharpen our senses so we can do it again without much damage go out. One repeated block it would be for football Drama“Rummenigge said Sky.

Also Hansi Flick he warned: “You must go on strictly follow the guidelineswho wear masks, keep their distance and hope ”. I hope the house of cards doesn’t collapse.


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Corona alarm at Werder Bremen: the whole team has been quarantined

The Corona crisis also affects Bayern: another lockdown like a sword of Damocles on the Bundesliga

The first bloc of March had several clubs on the verge of bankruptcy brought. They could only with much effort lack of income in all areas be compensated. The same scenario in the fall would now apply to some clubs existential consequences.

“We are on a threshold where we must be careful”, he also stressed Rouven Schröder. Mainz’s sporting director does not want to imagine another block. “When something like this happens, it’s not just the big clubs that cry, but the Bundesliga and sport in general.”

Corona crisis also affects Bayern: Rummenigge hopes for a tunnel to measure the fever

In the long run, the Football without its fans in the stadium it does not survive, at the moment it can only do it. It has to be played. The games must be broadcast on TV Proceeds for the clubs insured. So that in the future (few) spectators in Munich again Allianz Arena are allowed, special measures are needed – with which you can Bayern Monaco already worried.

Rummenigge: “In Budapest (European Super Cup, d. Red.) to Fever measurement tunnel found and we will offer it to the health department here in Munich, so that we too play with the spectators again permission. We played eight months without, of course that’s one burden. “

Corona crisis also affects Bayern: the Bremen case shows problems

After all, his Bayern could play. In Bremen this is no longer guaranteed after an unnamed player’s crown case. Manager Department of health he also has one for another professional and a function team member despite negative test results 14-day quarantine organized.

The rest of the team and the staff have been isolated until this Friday, and Sunday should all be against Hoffenheim to compete. The increase in cases also affects the Bundesliga, which is now more than ever before another stop trembles. “Then the lights go out for some,” he prophesies The head of the BVB Hans-Joachim Watzke. Even in the ghost arena. (José Carlos Menzel López)

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