FAVORITES: The 2 teams with the most chances of winning the 2020/21 UEFA Champions League according to Antonio Cassano


Antonio Cassano chatted with fellow countryman Christian Vieri in a Instagram Live. Both, now in their roles as sports analysts, are very aware of everything that happens in the world of football. For this reason, they were encouraged to release the names of the teams they see with the most options to win the 2020/21 UEFA Champions League.

Cassano did not rule out FC Barcelona (having the best in the world always gives you a small card) or Manchester City, but his main candidates for the European title are Bayern Munich, who never stop winning and scoring, and the Liverpool, which is coming. for his rematch after the bitter elimination against Atlético de Madrid.

“Having Messi always gives you an option, a chance, but I think Bayern Munich and Liverpool are ahead of everyone. I saw the match between Atalanta and Liverpool, and I hadn’t seen Atalanta in as many difficulties as against Liverpool (…) Even if there is also Manchester City, which sooner or later will do important things in Europe ”.

What surprises him most about Bayern: “Bayern Munich has 16 or 17 players of the highest level. And the amazing thing is that they are young, almost all of them are young“.

Undefeated data. Should they repeat the title, Bayern Munich would become the second consecutive two-time UEFA Champions League champion. The first was Real Madrid.

Did you know…? Bayern Munich have won 14 consecutive UEFA Champions League victories. The best winning streak in the history of the top European competition.

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