Father-daughter photo: Rupert Grint reveals his baby’s name


Rupert Grint (32) floats in the child’s absolute happiness – and finally wants to share it with the whole world! The British actor and his girlfriend Georgia Groome welcomed their first offspring – a young daughter – to the world last May. So far, however, the Harry Potter star had been hiding private insights – until now: Rupert opened a social media profile and surprised his fans not only with a cute picture of his father and daughter, but also with the baby’s name!

“I’m here to introduce you on Wednesday G. Grint”, revealed Rupert now the girl’s name on Instagram and he also shared a particularly sweet snapshot with his daughter: in the photo, the proud father is cuddling with little Wednesday in an armchair – and smiles happily at the camera.

And this prominent newcomer to social media was quickly on everyone’s lips: In addition to the numerous fans, Draco Malfoy actor Tom Felton (33) also spoke in the comment column. “Welcome Weasley, it was time,” the Harry Potter star joked Ruperts new professional social media and stressed: “All the best for Wednesday.”

Rupert Grint im Oktober 2019 in New York City
Rupert Grint, actor
Rupert Grint, actor


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