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Fast Payment Platform Without Fees?

4A Coin: The Fast Money Payment Platform Powered by the Blockchain

What Is 4A Coin?

4A coin is a crypto-based platform that is designed to facilitate payments in just seconds without commissions. The payments will be made to your personal digital wallet. E-commerce owners can automate the sales process by adding a JavaScript code to the site. Those who wish to buy goods from any region of the world will pay without the need to deal with taxation, credit cards, etc.

4A Coin is going to be the first web-based decentralized super server network project. Thus far, all trials have been a success. You can view the source code on GitHub and support its development if you know Python.

How 4A Coin Payment Platform Without Fees Works

For purposes of security, all nodes in the system communicate with each other via the 9000th port. The communication is made possible via libraries like Twisted Matrix, Python3, and Autobahn-Python. Know when it comes to node changes If the change complies with the cryptographic summaries, the data is written to the database. Otherwise, the transaction is rejected.

This is all you need to install the script that is shared on your server. You will also need to specify the IP address of the node that you wish to connect. Everyone will be made aware of your presence. You will also be notified when any changes are attempted.

Why 4A Coin Is Fast

To understand why it is fast, let us examine Bitcoin Cash and Bitcoin. Bitcoin is slower than Bitcoin Cash since it uses a larger block. Thus, the difficulty increases quite fast. With time, the entire blockchain becomes slow and transactions ends up taking minutes.

This platform uses a new system that eliminates the block size. Since a block size is needed for proof of work to work. It can not be eliminated. However, if you support network as a server in 4A coin, you will still be rewarded. Instead of the miners, the servers are rewarded every 4 hours.

For the most efficient, this platform has been written using the Django framework. Major companies like NASA, Instagram, and many others use this framework. Django is based on Python, which makes it easy to develop web-based apps using Python.

Why Is It Possible To Speed ​​Up The Platform And Not Bitcoin?

The delays experienced in payments on Bitcoins are not the network being slow. Rather, it is the amount of energy needed to find a nonce value matching the difficulty level of competing for block rewards. This is called proof of work. 4A coin will use a new model, thus avoid losing speed.

4A Coin 4AC Token ICO Details

  • Start: May 14, 2018
  • End: June 26, 2018
  • Total tokens: 300,000,000 4AC

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