Fast and safe conversion of Ripple's XRP to Euro is now possible with XRParrot

  Rapid and safe conversion of Ripple XRP to Euro is now possible with XRParrot 22649

XRParrot is offering a fast and safe XRP conversion to Euro by Ripple . This new website will help users easily buy and sell Ripple's XRP for the Euro.

The information was shared by the creator of Xbp tipbot Wietse Wind. In the future, additional features will be added to support other legal currencies. Generally, Wietse Wind creates services that are easy to use, providing users with a simple and fluid experience such as online cryptocurrency portfolio, XRP Bot or navigation information, XRP register statistics among other things that created, BitcoinExchangeGuide

To use the new service, users must enter their mobile number, the original IBAN from the bank account and the user of the XRP portfolio they use to send the funds. After that the information must be confirmed and then activate the transfer to receive XRP in the portfolio.

The easy transition from Euro to XRP will be with the best possible fares and the lowest fares. The whole process is automated and no human intervention is necessary. The process is automated immediately after activation and confirmation of the transfer by the user.

In addition, uses can use different portfolios. Websites such as XRParrot are able to connect with these banks using IBAN and a telephone number. In addition, Wietse Wind said that the website will also allow users to create a periodic withdrawal from bank accounts to specific portfolios.

In addition, IBAN transfers are free for customers; therefore, the fees charged will be reduced compared to any other financial service. Reportedly, XRParrot will charge only € 1 per transfer and 0.3% for the platform. In addition to these, the advantage is that XRP is immediately sent to the user's portfolio, no withdrawal fee is required. Compared to other fiat-to-crypto transactions, the service has lower costs than many others, which means it is a very good option for users in Europe.

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