Family of a missing American business man "kidnapped gang to Bitcoin"


A group of 12 alleged kidnappers was arrested for the disappearance of an American man after his family claimed to have paid a ransom of 738,000 pounds in Bitcoin.

The police in Costa Rica and Spain started a joint operation after the entrepreneur William Sean Creighton Kopko, 43, disappeared in Costa Rica in September.

It has not been located yet.

Three people, alleged to be the alleged leader, were arrested in Zaragoza, Spain.

The Spanish media report that they fled Costa Rica after the victim's family paid the ransom.

The other nine were arrested in Costa Rica.


Q Costa Rica identified one of the three suspects from his surnames Morales Vega, 25.

The other two were named as his forty-five-year-old mother (Vega Aguirre) and his girlfriend (Solis Chaves).

Walter Espinoza, director of the Organismo de Investigacion Judicial (OIJ) of Costa Rica, said that Morales went from Panama to El Salvador and then to Cuba.

He spent about a month there before flying to Spain.

Espinoza said: "OIJ and its experts managed to establish that one of the members of the organization had access to the wallets (Bitcoin) and had connected from a house in Moravia, to where we have traced the 39; IP address and specified location.

"We are interested in finding indications that allow us to identify the destiny or position of the foreigner whose freedom has been deprived and to identify him in every possible way".

OIJ said that Morales has extensive knowledge of Bitcoin.

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