Facebook video games launch what they are and how to get them


Facebook has announced that, from now on, several free video games will be accessible without the need for downloads on its platform.

Unlike Google or Amazon, the social media giant doesn’t feature a full service.

Unlike the others, it offers the ability to access certain titles via the cloud, either from the Facebook mobile application or from a browser.

“No material or game control is necessary: ​​your hands are the controls, since we start with video games developed specifically for smartphones”, explains Jason Rubin, vice president of Facebook’s Games department.

Five titles are available at the launch of the beta of “Facebook Gaming” in the United States:

One racing game (Asphal 9: Legends), one golf game (PGA TOUR Golf Shootout), one RPG game (Mobile Legends: Adventure) and two card games (Solitaire: Arthur’s Tale and WWE SuperCard).


The games are free, but they contain in-app purchase options and advertisements.

They are accessible on the Internet and on devices running Google’s Android mobile operating system, although they are not available for Apple’s iOS for now.

The Apple brand currently also operates in the video game sector from its application store, the AppStore, through which it receives the commissions paid by the publishers.

There is an equivalent system in Google Play Store, but the group also authorizes users of Android devices to use other virtual stores.

Big American tech companies are showing a growing interest in streaming video games.

The launches of the platforms in recent months have demonstrated this Google’s Stadia and Amazon’s Luna.

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