Facebook Gaming streams games for free in the cloud


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The next trend in the world of video games seems to be streaming. And it is that for some years now we have already seen how more and more companies are joining games in the cloud: Google has Stadia, Microsoft has xCloud and now Facebook your service.

The big difference, however, is that Facebook’s cloud game streaming service doesn’t offer access to “triple A” or next-gen games for consoles and PCs via streaming, or at least not yet. For now, Facebook Gaming will offer the ability to access free and mobile games (free to play) via streaming, which means you won’t have to download them to your device to play them, you just need an internet connection.

Facebook Gaming’s new streaming feature isn’t available worldwide yet, but during its first round of launch, it’s only available in much of the United States, including California and Texas. It is not necessary to download an additional application, it will only be necessary to access the Facebook Gaming section in the mobile app for Android (for now it is only available for this operating system), and from there it will be possible to access games such as streaming Asphalt 9: Legends Y Mobile Legends: Adventure, among others.

Additionally, Facebook Gaming will from now on also allow you to use custom avatars and names in the game section, meaning that if you don’t want to, you won’t have to use your real name when playing in the app. For now, it is not known if the company plans to support “triple A” games; in his A.D The new streaming feature suggests that, at least until further notice, this feature will be dedicated to mobile gaming only. [vía Kotaku]


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