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The cryptographic market has never expanded at exponential rates and The initial offer of coins is one of the main fields of advancement. In these days a lot of confusion prevails within the community in choosing the right project on which to invest, from the members of the crypto community. This article would suggest some best ICO consultants as a reference.

1. Luca Cotta

The ICO driver and an extraordinary application developer is an expert in empowering the ICO . His industry experience has even helped the popular app apps like Slack and Telegram to gain momentum in the competitive market.

2. Igor Karavaev

Among the top ico advisors was a former director of a company that in turn was specialized in increasing start-ups. He supported more than 1600 startups. He is an expert in valuation and fundraising.

3. Hung Chih (Jason Hung)

He is one of the top ico advisors of 2018. An inventor of mobile technology, digital marketing and the Blockchain ecosystem has made him one of the top ico advisors in this list.

4. Douglas Lyons

He does not seem to be indifferent to others top ico advisors as he is not a block expert but he gives surprising ideas to fundraising advice organizations. He also advises the project team that is working on evaluation models.

5. Nathan Christian

This one among all the others top ico advisors is more diversified as it is an expert in venture capital investments, strategies ico advice and advice. He is co-founder of Malta Blockchain association.

6. Nikolay Shkilev

The expert in blockchain is also the owner of several successful projects. In his 20 years of experience, this one of the other senior consultants has received many approvals all over the world.

7. Mofassair Hossain

This, of the top ico advisors is highly qualified in the Blockchain . He has witnessed the development of over 18 startup Blockchain through his extraordinary consulting strategies.

8. Tyler Sanford

Working with a number of commercial companies in the field of corporate marketing has turned him into a strategic advisor for the startup blockchain and initial offers of coins .

9. Tran Van Tinh

The communication expert with 15 years of experience has become one of the most top ico Advisors for blockchain startups all over the world.

10. Paul Mears

He was well known for his support and advice to many startup blockchain in the field recently. Two of the most popular are Humaniq and VARcrypt.

11. Aly Madhavji

The entrepreneur was well known for his continued support for the development of many startup blockchain worldwide. He also possesses enormous amounts of experience in Chartered Accountancy apart from the Blockchain .

12. Richard Kastelein

He is one of the top ico advisors as well as being an award-winning publisher, Entrepreneur, and director of innovation. He has an immense experience on the Blockchain and also on the [ICO .

13. Nikolay Zvezdin

This particular consultant is one of the top ico advisors that you can count on. He participated in 8 LBOs worth $ 22 billion. He has experience in areas such as financial restructuring, investment management, asset valuation, market analysis, etc.

14. Mohit Tater

Founder and CEO of Blackbook Investments, is also one of the best ico consultants. He also worked as one of the biggest Indian startup, Zomato. His experience in technology Blockchain, and, in his investment, made him one of the top ico advisors .

15. Brian Condenanza

This particular consultant, on many other prominent ICO consultants has experience in the blockchain Bitcoin as well as the first offers of coins that appears to be the best prerequisites for a successful consultant . He is also one of the chief editors of a Spanish magazine Bitcoin and of other journals of Altcoin.

16. Ian Scarffe

The leading expert in blockchain technology and assisting startups in developing countries has extensive experience in the investment industry, supporting existing companies to expand their businesses.

17. James Sowers

The American cum Korean Businessman is also a philanthropologist in addition to being one of the top ico Advisors . The interesting line is also a singer-songwriter, but now his main field of activity is initial offers of coins .

18. P.B. Stanton Esq.

Mainly this advisor among many others top ico advisors is well known for supporting startups in the crowdfunding process.

19. Jun Hao

Has a deep investment experience Blockchain and . Prefers startups from Asia.

20. Nozomu Nakazato

Having links with the Japanese market, he can in particular help to exploit the startups of Japan.

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