Verge (XVG) is an anonymous cryptocurrency with particular attention to privacy. It is decentralized for users who prefer privacy. Improve Bitcoin's blockchain by working with various networks that focus on anonymity, including TOR and I2P. Take advantage of the multi-algorithm support for mining to improve safety levels and present an equitable distribution of coins to miners.

The cryptocurrency was originally launched in 2014 by an anonymous developer called "Sunerok". His initial name was Dogecoin Dark and was not very visible on the market. After the name changed to Verge, the value of the currency has not only increased by 100%, but has also begun to spread rapidly in the market.

It is currently a community funded and developed as an open source project. Any member of the community can send potential commits to their Github repository or contact the main development team through contact information on their website.

Other notable members include CryptoRekt (CMO), Kieran Daniels (VP ​​of marketing) and Sasha (VP of operations). The community is made up of hundreds of volunteers who regularly contribute to the platform.


The reason why Sunerok decided to build Verge was due to security problems. He believed that Bitcoin was not anonymous enough, so he designed a blockchain that would allow people to send and receive funds more privately. For example, you can learn information including transaction history and account balances and so on during a Bitcoin transaction. Verge, on the other hand, allows users to hide all this information, which makes every transaction entirely untraceable. The joint use of the TOR and I2P protocols allows to improve Verge's security measures. TOR, which stands for The Onion Network, is an anonymous browser that helps to hide the real position of the user through constant server switching.

The Wrath protocol, on which the Verge team is working, is a protocol that will allow users to send and receive funds even more anonymously than they already do. It will help to cover every part of the transaction except the amount that is sent. It will be like paying cash in a pharmacy.


Comparing with Bitcoin, Verge is much faster in terms of transaction rates. It can process on average 100 transactions per second, while this number for Bitcoin is only 7 per second. The Verge network allows you to process a transaction about every 30 seconds. In Bitcoin, the time it takes to process is about 10 minutes. Furthermore, the total offer of currency Verge, XVG, is expected to be 16.5 billion. This is considerably higher than Bitcoin, which has a limit of 21 million. In the era of change and speed, these numbers are significant for the value of a currency.


· Android Tor wallet

· OSX Tor QT wallet

· OSX Tor electronic wallet

· Windows Tor QT wallet [19659011] · Tor Windows Portfolio

· Linux Portfolio Tor Electrum

· Linux Tor QT Portfolio [19659025] In terms of mainstream adoption, the integration of Verge Tor Wallet with Android it is a significant step. Users are able to send and receive transactions over a very short period of time through Verge with a Tor-native integration and an intuitive and user-friendly interface. For average cryptocurrency users who are looking for a convenient way to use cryptocurrencies, the development of mobile applications will be critical to their adoption.


Verge can be extracted because it uses a proof-of-100% labor consent protocol. It offers support for five different hashing algorithms and you can find extensive resources and downloads for mining, including various mining pools for different hashing algorithms on their website (vergecurrency.com). The 5 hashing algorithms supported are:

· Scrypt

· X17

· Lyra2rev2

· Myr-groestl

· blake2s [19659011]


Verge maintains a strong presence on social media with the following platforms.

Twitter – @vergecurrency

Coherent news, marketing, development, and community updates published.

Reddit – https://www.reddit.com/r/vergecurrency/

Managed by the community and containing in-depth information, links and opinions about the platform.

Telegram – Currency of the verdict

It regularly sends news, updates and answers to the questions of the community. Great way to interact with community members.

Medium – https://medium.com/verge-currency-xvg

Post for updates on development, team, community and marketing.


Before his name changed, meaning the years between 2014 and 2016, Verge was not known by many people or had any business. Thus, its value was rather stable. The value of XVG remained at around $ 0.000005 per currency. Although this number is low, it is important to consider the huge amount of Verge's currency.

After the name Verge entered the market in 2016, the value of XVG increased rapidly from its average of $ 0.000005 to $ 0.00001 per coin. This corresponds to a 100% increase only due to a name change. For 2016, XVG recorded its highest price in April, where the currency reached $ 0.000227 per currency.

During the first half of 2017, the value of XVG has grown steadily but slowly. The release of a new black document by Verge that explained their future plans was also useful for the price increase.

Similar to many cryptocurrencies in the market, the value of Verge went crazy during the end of 2017. The entire cryptocurrency market has enjoyed great success when many coins have reached their all-time highs. Within the first three weeks of December 2017, Verge increased from $ 0.005 to $ 0.14, an increase of 2.700%. A week later, the value dropped to $ 0.09.


Source: coincheckup.com

Maria Jetly, a user on Quora, predicts how :

As Mrs Jetly says, the cryptocurrency market is too volatile so it is wrong to invest more than you can afford to lose. It is important to take into account the rapid increase and decrease as well as other factors and decide accordingly. For example, Team Verge is known to disseminate misleading information about new partnerships or developments. These lead to speculation and immediately influence the value of the currency. For example, there was a tweet about a partnership announced on March 26 th 2018. No mention was made of the company and the announcement was postponed. The announcement of a possible partnership announcement also helped increase the value of the XVG to $ 0.11.

In addition, other cryptographic coins such as Monero and ZCash that have placed an accent on anonymity can also influence the price of Verge. If these strong competitors improve their performance, the value of XVG can be negatively affected.

However, the Verge team is currently working on a new protocol for blockchain called Rootstock. When this protocol starts to be implemented, it will allow the blockchain to generate an intelligent contract technology. This is a brand new technology that others do not own and if Verge successfully launches Rootstock, the price of the currency is very likely to increase.

In addition, Verge's partnership with TokenPay and a German bank that allows people to spend their verge coins on a prepaid debit card is significant for the value of XVG. It is very important as it allows use of the real world.


Source: finder.com

It is important to stress that the strong growth of privacy coins Inside the market has been evident. Some of these popular include Monero, ZCash, Dash and Verge.

As for the pros, there was an 'emphasis on anonymity in the original white paper of Bitcoin; however, Verge is much more private when considered. Verge is also faster and more scalable than Bitcoin. Furthermore, it is cheaper to send the transaction. These characteristics show that Verge is more suitable for Bitcoin as a global payment system.

2018 could be a positive year for the price of Verge. On the one hand, the partnership with TokenPay could increase the demand for XVG, as TokenPay says it will issue a debt that can be financed with Verge. This card will allow people from anywhere in the world to easily spend their Verge coins. This will create an additional question that will increase the value of the currency. On the other hand, they could become the first privacy currency to facilitate smart contract technology if they can successfully release Rootstock.

However, there are also some elements that indicate that Verge is a negative investment. Even if the currency evaluates anonymity for users, the fact that the founder still decides to remain anonymous leaves question marks. Besides not having a public figure with whom to do business, who can be held responsible if things go to the side with the project?

Furthermore, the spread of speculation really influences the price of currencies. Because the entire industry is volatile, the price increases with new ads, even with ad announcements, and then drops back shortly thereafter. As has been experienced before, the Verge team loves to engage in promises for developments, but fails to keep those promises.

It is certainly possible to profit from an increase in the price of XVG. And if you discard the currency you could also profit from an accident in the market.

However, with so much uncertainty in the market, the best that anyone can do is to formulate a hypothesis on the direction of the value or mood of the market. It is important to be informed about the basics.

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