Ethereum (ETH), Ripple (XRP) Deal At A Moderate Loss; Bitcoin Cash (BCH) Indicates A Loss In The Last Week


Ethereum (ETH / USD) Price Analysis:

Ethereum is the second largest coin in the market. The coin is currently dealing at $ 187.43. The price of the ETH coin is a slight loss. The coin is expected to start the price surge soon. The last few days were quite volatile. Let’s have a look.

ETH Price Chart
ETH Price Chart

Starting from 16th August, Ethereum price slipped from $ 188.13 to $ 185.56 by 1.37%. On 17th August, the coin booked a slight escalation of 0.83% from $ 185.56 to $ 186.99. On 18th August, the ETH coin continued the escalation and jumped from $ 186.99 to $ 193.72 by 3.54%. On 19th August, the coin touched $ 202.97 from $ 193.72 by 4.77%. On 20th August, the ETH price slipped from $ 202.97 to $ 197.23 by 2.73%. On 21st August, the Ethereum continued the fall and shifted from $ 197.23 to $ 187.71 by 3.81%.

The future prospect of the ETH coin is bright. We are positive about upsurge and hence recommend to dig in for long term. The same period would help traders book massive profits.

Ripple (XRP / USD) Price Analysis:

Ripple is the third largest coin in the crypto market. XRP price is currently dealing at $ 0.26430. The Market Cap stands $ 11,367,883,120. The chart is reflecting a volatile movement in Ripple price.

XRP Price Chart
XRP Price Chart

XRP is dealing at a slight loss as the coin opened the week at $ 0.26510 and is now dealing at $ 0.26430. On 16th August, the coin marked regression of 1.46% from $ 0.26510 to $ 0.26123. On 17th August, the Ripple price escalated from $ 0.26123 to $ 0.26597 by 1.84%. On 18th August, the coin escalated from $ 0.26597 to $ 0.2834 by 5.62%. On 19th August, Ripple price started falling. The coin slipped from $ 0.2834 to $ 0.28278 by 0.25%. On 20th August, the coin slipped from $ 0.28278 to $ 0.27528 by 2.65%. On 21st August, Ripple price slipped from $ 0.27528 to $ 0.26723 by 2.92%.

XRP coin still holds the expectations of upsurge. The coin would give the best result if invested for the long-term.

Bitcoin Cash (BCH / USD) Price Analysis:

Bitcoin Cash is the fourth largest coin in the crypto market. Bitcoin Cash is the moderate chart in the fall. The same could be recovered if the price inclination starts soon. Let’s have a look at the BCH price chart.

BCH Price Chart
BCH Price Chart

Starting from 16th August, the BCH coin price slipped from $ 315.62 to $ 308.62 by 2.11%. On 17th August, the Bitcoin Cash slipped from $ 308.62 to $ 306.45 by 0.65%. On 18th August, the coin booked an escalation of 2.42% from $ 306.45 to $ 313.85. On 19th August, the coin jumped from $ 313.85 to $ 325.84 by 3.74%. On 20th August, the BCH price slipped from $ 325.84 to $ 313.29 by 3.85%. On 21st August, the Bitcoin Cash price slipped from $ 313.29 to $ 305.086 by 2.62%. The coin is currently dealing at $ 296.90. The coin opened at $ 305.086. The traders interested in the BCH coin can dig in for the long-term plan.

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