EMUI 11 is already reaching all Huawei Mate 30 Pro users


Huawei has an update log that leaves many Android brands behind. Brand updates are frequent and helpful, which is sure to solve problems and bring new features to smartphones.

With the EMUI 11 already presented and ready, it’s time for it to be made available to all users. Huawei has now started this process, choosing the Mate 30 Pro for it. The new version of EMUI has already been launched globally for these smartphones.

EMUI 11 Huawei Mate 30 Pro smartphone update

MIUI 11 is already reaching everyone

EMUI 11 was launched by Huawei for testing over the summer, so you can find any existing problems. This process was mostly fast and seemingly efficient, a lot because it's a stable release with no known issues.

After this process it is now time to be launched to the users, so that they can update their smartphones. Huawei has chosen to launch this version with the Mate 30 Pro, thus paving the way for other devices to receive the new version soon.

Mate 30 Pro starts the update

The arrival reports from the new EMUI 11 to these smartphones are piling up, confirming that this is indeed a global launch. Having initially launched in the Chinese market, it is time for everyone to have access to this news.

From what we can see, this update is about 3GB in size and should be downloaded via OTA. The whole installation process is above all the same as all the others that Huawei has already accustomed us to. Eventually, and without losing any data, EMUI should be present in the Mate 30 Pro.

Huawei focuses on the best for EMUI

Focused on improving the interface and above all on user safety, the new version seeks to further improve usability. It incorporates some new features from Android 11, but remains true to what Huawei has developed over the years.

Surely there is still a long way to go to know everything, but this could be the latest version of this customization case from Huawei. With Harmony OS coming soon, the brand will soon be able to prepare one of the most important changes to its smartphones.

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