Elon Musk Satellite Internet Starting Signal – for $ 99 a month


Is there no time now?

SpaceX is entering extended beta phase with its Starlink satellite internet service. Cost: $ 99 per month. Elon Musk is dampening expectations.

SpaceX has put nearly 900 Starlink satellites into orbit in recent months. Now it seems like the right time to extend the beta test phase. In an email to people who had reported their interest in the service, SpaceX now provides details on the price of the satellite Internet service for the first time, as reported by CNBC. As a result, users would have to pay $ 99 per month to connect to the internet from space.

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Starlink: more expensive and initially less fast

Previously, Elon Musk had always promised a price of around $ 80. Also, Starlink users will have to purchase a kit that costs $ 499 once. This includes a user terminal, a mounting tripod and a WLAN router. SpaceX calls the beta phase a “better than nothing” test. The company also wants to dampen expectations about Internet connection performance, as the letter says.

After all, there should be 50 to 150 megabits per second at first. Latency is specified from 20 to 40 milliseconds. Later the latency should drop below 20 milliseconds. Also, there will be times when the internet connection is completely cut off. This state is expected to continue for several months, apparently until significantly more satellites are in orbit and guarantee more stable values.

In the hitherto very limited private test stages, Starlink Internet was expected to achieve download speeds of over 100 megabits per second. Latency was reported as “super low”. So, SpaceX engineer Kate Tice said in early September, faster online games should be playable. Furthermore, users should be able to stream multiple HD movies at the same time.

In 2021, Elon Musk’s satellite internet could also reach Germany

Starlink will initially be launched in the United States and Canada. The internet service is expected to be available almost worldwide as early as 2021, so probably also in Germany. In this country, the service should be of particular interest to those who do not yet have access to broadband internet. Otherwise, the bandwidth offered by Starlink is available in this country – and in some cases much more – for half the price.

According to SpaceX’s plans, a total of 42,000 Starlink satellites could orbit the Earth in the coming years. Huge, since there are currently about 2,500 satellites in orbit. And you can already see the Starlink satellites in the sky with the naked eye.

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