Electroneum News: ETN should continue to rise, and here's why



A lot of Electroneum news has hit the market recently, especially since ETN started outperforming the major currencies on the market. Usually, this would mean a pumping and unloading operation and a quick fix will quickly follow the price surge. This time, however, this may not be the case, and many things underline the fact that Electroneum (ETN) may have simply been underestimated for a long time.

With this in mind, many cryptographers expect that the rise of money will continue and may even see much higher returns soon.

Factors behind the recent surge in Electroneum prices

Electroneum has apparently been underestimated for a long time, despite its enormous potential. However, this potential comes not only from the mission, technology or currency team. In reality, there are many other reasons why this currency should be much higher on the encrypted list, and why its price should have been pushed a long time ago.

The first of these is the fact that ETN complies with the regulations. This is what makes it different from many other coins, which still have to "bow" to the rules. Encryption that complies with regulations is exactly what institutional investors need. This gives them confidence in the currency and drives them to get involved, which is why Electroneum is becoming one of their main goals.

Another reason is Electron's KYC, which is very important in the encrypted world and is in fact a basis for regulatory compliance. This allows for stronger partnerships and offers Electroneum an advantage in the market. In this way, ETN has the opportunity to enter into partnerships with numerous mobile operators all over the world. Once partnerships start, it is expected that the price of the currency will increase even more.

This gives him enormous potential for mass adoption. Moreover, despite the recent Electroneum news highlighting a tremendous growth, there is still plenty of room to expand this currency. This mainly concerns its market capitalization, which is currently approaching $ 149 million. This is small compared to some of the main players, but also compared to what Electroneum can achieve in the future.

What does the founder of Electroneum say?

A recent interview with the founder of the currency, Richard Ells, has provided much information on cryptocenetics and its future. One of the biggest news of Electroneum that he had to share is the fact that October will mark the start of a new ETN marketing cycle. This will be the first time that the currency has had an active marketing effort since its ICO.

Because money is designed to be mobile encryption, it can allow anyone with a smartphone to earn, buy, sell or spend cryptocurrency. The currency is already making partnerships that will allow it to provide access to these possibilities to over 100 million people. Further partnerships are also planned and everyone should lead to a mass adoption of Electroneum at the end.

Even if the price increase of the currency was not enough for ETN to move particularly high in the list of the largest coins by market capitalization, the new plans should change this. With more exposure, the awareness of the currency and its potential will grow. With it, the use of money and market capitalization should also grow, and Ells expects that reaching the top 20 encrypted is definitely something that Electroneum can get.

As the currency becomes more widespread, it will begin to serve as a form of payment and more stores and shops will be interested in opening up to it. The adoption will determine the adoption and expansion of the currency will continue to grow.

While there are big projects and hopes for ETN soon, there will also be a lot of work, effort and careful planning required. For now, the company has set a series of goals and goals that they expect to achieve in the near future.

Those include the plan to move the immediate payment API from the beta version, the plan to implement KYC, as well as the plan to bring mobile mining to iOS users. This will be the form of Cloud Mining and, if it goes well, the company will also distribute Cloud Mining for Android. In the end, there is a lot of interesting news on Electroneum, and many can see a bright future for ETN.

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Photo by Nick Karvounis on Unsplash

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