El Chavo of 8 announces the launch of its own coin


Next year will be 50 years since ‘El Chavo of 8‘arrived on Mexican television, this despite the fact that a few months ago The news of truth He let you know that the program was broadcast all over the world due to a disagreement between Televisa and the son of comedian Roberto Gómez Fernández, head of Grupo Chespirito.

This mishap caused a stir among the public, a fact which proved once again that ‘El Chavo of 8‘It has become one of the most emblematic series on Mexican television; it is for this and to celebrate his 50th anniversary, The Mint and Grupo Chespirito presented a collection with the most emblematic characters.

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“El Chavo del 8” celebrates 50 years since it reached Mexican television.

El Chavo will have its own coin collection

Esther Calvo Domínguez, marketing director of The Mint of Mexico, argued that the goal of the collection It is to preserve the legacy of Chespirito and awaken the interest in Numismatics (study and collection of coins) in children.

“We made this alliance because we believe it is an icon of many Mexican generations. First the idea of ​​a medal was born, but then we came to the conclusion that we wanted to combine it with our traditions and it was then that we proposed this collection to unite people with some symbols of our identity as Mexicans, ”said Esther Calvo.

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Grupo Chespirito and La Casa de la Moneda will celebrate the 50th anniversary of “El Chavo del 8”.

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The “El Chavo del 8” coin collection can be purchased in silver and in color.

According to reports revealed by the institution, they and Grupo Chespirito took more than a year to plan the collection of coinsThis is due to the various changes that were emerging, one of which was the initial name, because from “That, that, that is Mexico” in the end it was like “Coining traditions”.

At first the idea was that the case was shaped like a barrel, but for brand reasons a pyramid was chosen in which each character created by Roberto Gómez Bolaños had a medal with a traditional Mexican object.

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The collection will consist of nine silver coins and is expected to be well received not only in Mexico, but in the United States and Latin America, as the series ofEl Chavo of 8‘is loved by millions of people.

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