Eduardo Pimentel responds to a business woman who has made him sit down


Although she agreed that the club owes around 22 million pesos to the entrepreneur, Eduardo Pimentel specified that the professional team’s clothing was of poor quality and had to switch suppliershe said on W Radio.

“They handed over the clothes, but unfortunately he was rejected by the team because the maquila was bad. The uniforms of the players did not fit. He even had to collect all the clothes and agree to have them fixed, “he said.

According to the leader, the Boyacá club presented all the documentation of the case to the Ministry of Sport, where the contract certificates and the violation of the Quality Sport company were exhibited, specified on the station.

Pimentel also He assured in this same submission that he intends to sue Rojas for damages and prejudices against the chess institute, which is not going through its best sporting moment.

“Our lawyers have already received the order because they cannot collect with their own hands, they want to courageously make people pay for what they have done wrong and I will not pay anyone, especially when they have disappointed us in everything. We believe it is not worth being here for the ridiculous 22 million pesos, ”he stressed.

Finally, Boyacá Chicó rejected the behavior of the entrepreneur in a press release and stated that she will abide by the full payment of the debt, as they have done with their obligations since its foundation.

Eduardo Pimentel replies to a business woman who made him sit down in Tunja


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