e-Vino: elegant and light electric scooter type Yamaha by Yamaha


November 6, 2020

Although Yamaha hasn’t moved quickly towards electrification of its range of motorcycles and scooters by opting for a slightly more conservative strategy, it now intends to seriously reverse the trend. But now the Japanese brand is launching its first light electric motorcycle, the e-Vino. It is a small Vespa-type scooter, and is strictly designed for short trips thanks to its size and very modest autonomy.

e-Vino: elegant and light electric scooter type Yamaha by Yamaha
e-Vino: elegant and light electric scooter type Yamaha by Yamaha

The bike weighs only 68 kilograms when empty, but with the insertion of the 500 Wh battery it reaches 74 kilograms. It is also possible to insert a second battery to double the autonomy per single charge. It is very likely that buyers will buy it right away, as the range of the single battery stops at 29 kilometers (58 km in dual configuration). It must also be said that the autonomy was calculated in a particularly optimistic way: we are talking about a distance of 30 km / h with a passenger of 55 kilograms. In the event that you are traveling in an extra-urban area at higher speeds and the driver weighs much more than the considered mass, the range could decrease significantly.

For urban use

Obviously the e-Vino is designed for urban use. Perhaps 36 miles before stopping to recharge the battery might be more than enough for many people. Charging from 0 to 100 percent can take up to three hours, which isn’t too short for such a small module. For those who recharge the scooter at home during the night there will be no problems. Very interesting is the fact that the batteries, being small and light, can be disconnected from the scooter and recharged separately via a common socket and a special power supply. For students and employees it is a godsend.

As for the power of the motor, the specifications speak of 580W continuous and 1,200W peak. We’re looking at figures for near-electric bikes, but the 30-second boost to 1,200W guarantees you can overcome steep climbs without too much trouble and pushes the e-Vino up to 44km / h. The price for the United States was set at $ 2,280.

Origin: Yamaha has announced its elegant all-electric Vespa

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