Due to a selfie with the corpse: Maradona’s gravedigger lost his job


A tasteless snapshot in front of the open coffin of football legend Maradona has serious consequences for a Buenos Aires undertaker: not only does a storm of shit break out on social media, but he must also look for a new job.

Diego Molina couldn’t resist the temptation: the Buenos Aires gravedigger used the moment before the body of soccer legend Diego Maradona was stretched out to pose in front of the open coffin – thumbs up. The Argentine then published the photo on social media. And there he made waves. The outrage over this bad taste is so great that his employer fired him, according to the newspaper “Minuto Rioja”.

Molina was by no means the only employee who was photographed with the body. His colleagues Claudio Fernández and Ismael Fernández also took photos with the deceased footballer. Company boss Matías Picón told “Ciudad Magazin” that the three would accept orders for him only occasionally. The incident was particularly troublesome for him because he promised Maradona’s ex-wife, Claudia Villafane, that no one would photograph or touch the body.

The three “assholes”, as Picón calls them, would have used an unnoticed moment to take the photos. He said he personally apologized to Villafane for the incident. “She was very angry and told me that her worst fears had come true.” Even Maradona’s lawyer found clear words on Twitter: he defined Molina “bastard” and announced that he would not stop before “having paid for this derailment”.

Riot and chaos in the wake

Also in the wake of the Argentine national hero there was a real uproar on Thursday. The influx of tens of thousands of fans was so great that there was a crush in front of the presidential palace where the dead was laid. The barriers were broken down and the police repelled the crowd with tear gas and rubber bullets.

Maradona died of cardiac arrest on Wednesday at the age of 60. In early November, a blood clot had been removed from his brain. He was recovering from the procedure at his home on the outskirts of Buenos Aires when his heart broke.


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