Dramatic Ratings of Bitcoin Drop, Plus Ripple and XRP, EOS, Tron, Ethereum, OmiseGO: Crypto News Alert


From the Chinese perspective on Bitcoin and cryptocurrency to a new addition on Coinbase, here are some of the stories that open up in the world of Crypto.

EOS, Ethereum, XRP, Bitcoin

China has just released its latest crypt rating index.

EOS and Ethereum remain first and second respectively. Meanwhile, Bitcoin has dropped from 13th place until the 19th since the publication of the country's official crypts charts in May.

The big surprise in the new rankings is XRP, which rose in the top 10. XRP is now in 7th place, after sitting in 15th place in September.

China strongly supports the blockchain, but has had a tumultuous relationship with the cryptocurrency since it announced a total ban on encryption last year. In a ray of hope, the Shenzhen International Arbitration Court recently ruled that Bitcoin has economic value and should be legally protected as property.


In a new Forbes interview, Monica Long, Ripple's vice president of marketing, says that the current cross-border payment rate is pushing the adoption of cryptographic and blockchain technology.

"Transferring money from one country to another can be extremely expensive and time-consuming, and your money can be in limbo for up to five days, which is absurd when a company could capital at work.

This friction in cross-border payments has pushed companies to be some of the biggest champions of blockchain technology and digital resources. For example, these people ask their banks to examine this realm as a solution to their problems. This is beneficial for small businesses that pay suppliers in other countries and have narrow margins. Using this technology, these mom and pop shops can help reduce their costs and accelerate the time it takes to transfer money. "


Tron has now paid over $ 75,000 to developers who have identified and reported Tron blockchain bugs.

According to HackerOne, the average payment is between $ 3,000 – $ 4,000.

Basic attention token

Major cryptographic exchanges in the United States Coinbase has added support for BAT tokens on Coinbase Pro. BAT is the cryptocurrency of the Brave boot browser, an alternative to Google Chrome. The support to the BAT will be divided into four phases: only transfer, only after-sales for limit orders, limit only for correspondence orders and complete trading. Platform support does not include retailing on coinbase.com, iOS or Android.

Deposits are already available and trading should start as soon as sufficient liquidity is established. "


The first decentralized app on OmiseGO has just launched its proof-of-concept.

The game is called Plasma Dog and uses the OmiseGO Plasma testnet, a level 2 solution designed to dramatically increase the scalability of the blockchain.

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