Doha Airport: outcry after intimate examination of female passengers


After a baby was found in a toilet at Doha airport, security forces searched for the mother on planes. In a rather brutal way.

A worrying incident caused more than just a flight delay at Doha airport. Meanwhile, he has also called politicians to the scene. On 2 October, a Qatar Airways plane was actually ready for take-off for Sydney. But nothing happened.

“Every hour one of the drivers came and apologized because they were still waiting for the taxi permit,” a passenger told The Guardian newspaper. But then something really unpleasant happened. Security forces escorted several women from the plane and took them to the apron where the ambulances waited.

No question of authorization

There the women were asked to take a break before undergoing a gynecological examination. Several passengers report crying young women back on the plane after the investigation. It is not clear exactly how many women were affected.

A total of 13 Australian women reported on the investigation. Apparently they weren’t told what was happening to them. Also, permission was not asked before they were examined in the genital area. Reason for the investigation: The aim was to find out if any of them had recently given birth to a child.

Mother not found

On the same day, a child was found in an airport toilet at Doha’s Hamad International Airport. According to a statement from the airport, the search was aimed at finding the mother because they were concerned about her well-being. It is not known how many planes were searched in this way.

In Australia, the story has received harsh criticism. Foreign Minister Marise Payne called the incident “extremely worrying”. Australia had “formally declared” that what had happened was worrying. The baby’s mother was not found. The nursing staff is currently looking after the baby.

The staff also shocked

Passengers on the flight report that Qatar Airways staff were also shocked. She has apologized to women several times.

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