Discover the latest breakthroughs in blockchain-enabled services and technologies in an upcoming episode of the Advancements television series

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“We look forward to exploring how blockchain is changing the way suppliers and buyers interact,” said Brett Ferrigan, senior producer for the Advancements series.

Scheduled for broadcast 1Q / 2021, an upcoming episode of the award-winning series, Advancements with Ted Danson will focus on breakthroughs in blockchain-enabled services.

This segment will focus on recent advances in blockchain technology and how SourceConnecte’s online, blockchain-enabled B2B marketplace facilitates continuous discovery and interactions between enterprise buyers on a global scale and diversified and carefully vetted suppliers.

Viewers will learn how SourceConnecte provides suppliers with the ability to present their products to millions of companies and will see how it creates a multidimensional image of a supplier for the buyer.

“SourceConnecte leverages distributed ledger technology, or blockchain, within three critical business processes,” explains Kevin L. Jackson, SourceConnecte’s Chief Operating Officer. “First, we partnered with Chainyard’s TrustYourSupplier to provide immutable and verified business data of suppliers and buyers. Second, our B2B e-commerce platform is the blockchain-enabled Inxeption industrial commerce marketplace. Finally, we partnered up. with DealBox to make entrepreneurial capital available to disadvantaged minority entrepreneurs through their blockchain-based platform. We are thrilled to have the opportunity to highlight our use of blockchain to a global audience through the Advancements series. “

The public will also be educated on market token-based authentication which are cryptographically signed to prevent tampering and connect different merchants and use stateful communication for B2B buyer transactions.

“We look forward to exploring how blockchain is changing the way suppliers and buyers interact,” said Brett Ferrigan, senior producer for the Advancements series.

About SourceConnecte:

SourceConnecte is an online, blockchain-enabled B2B marketplace designed to facilitate continuous discovery and interactions between global business buyers and carefully vetted suppliers. This Industry 4.0 marketplace efficiently leverages modern social media technologies to facilitate value-based interactions between corporate buyers and controlled suppliers. It provides a secure interactive environment that can support high-value B2B e-commerce negotiations and transactions. SourceConnecte leverages advanced technologies to build and manage strategic, high-value supply chains between diverse suppliers and global enterprises. SourceConnecte is also a member of TrustYourSupplier, a buyer network of over 30 global companies. For more information, please visit:

Information about Advancements and DMG Productions:

The Advancements series is an information-based educational show targeting recent advances in a range of industries and economies. With cutting-edge solutions and important issues facing today’s consumers and business professionals, Advancements focuses on cutting-edge developments and brings this information to the public with a vision to clarify how technology and innovation continue to transform our world.

Supported by experts in various fields, DMG Productions is dedicated to education and advancement and the consistent production of ad-free educational programs that both viewers and networks depend on.

For more information, visit: or call Brett Ferrigan at 866-496-4065.

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