Dinamo, bitter defeat against Kristiansand in the EHF European League


Black evening for the Romanian champion. Defeat to 9 goals of difference in Sweden and the “red and white” remain at zero points after two stages.

Nightmare match for Dinamo Bucharest in the second leg of the EHF European League, group B. The Romanian champion was on the ground in front of the Swedes of IFK Kristianstad. The Nordics have trained with a team that seems not to be without the coach Ștefan Constantin, found positive for the coronavirus.

Non-existent 9-meter line

Dinamo suffered enormously in the 9 meters. The top scorer was Ante Kuduz and Amine Bannour. Bannour scored one goal out of 5 shots and Kuduz scored two out of 8! Neither Humet nor Vujici were more than God helps, unsuccessfully in three attempts each. Dinamo’s only real inter was young Octavian Bizău.

Dinamo’s defense is no longer that of last season, when the Bucharest side drew 12 games without defeat in the Champions League. This despite the Missaoui goalkeepers, in the first half, and Heidarirad, in the second, have brought out what had to be defended. The Swedes scored enormously on the counterattack and in the second phase, the retreat of the Romanians non-existent.

More game for the extremes Vali Ghionea and Nicu Negru, but too little for a good result in Sweden.

Coach Sebastian Bota also seems totally overwhelmed by the situation, at the time-outs the former Romanian international only tries to encourage the players after countless mistakes.

Second consecutive defeat of the Dinamo players, which complicates their situation in the group. This is followed by the match in Preșov on November 17, with Tatran, the Slovakian champion who, at first glance, seems to be the weakest team in the group.

THE FINAL Kristiansand – Dynamo 31-22

  • IFK Kristianstad 31: Halen 6, M. Olsson 6, Nyfjall 5, Frend-Ofors 5, Einarsson 4, Ocvirk 3, Jurmala 1, J. Nilsson 1. Coach: Ljubomir Vranjes
  • Dynamo 22: Ghionea 6, Bizău 6, Negru 4, Kuduz 2, Hebo 2, Bannour 1, Mamdouh 1. Coach: Sebastian Bota

Game is over!
min. 55: Bannour tries to hold the ball but it gets out of hand. 29-18

min. 50: Ghionea is also wrong from 7 meters. 27-16

min. 47: Kristiansand scored 3 goals on a counterattack. 26-16
min. 45: Dinamo asks for a timeout, after 3 wrong consecutive offensive actions. 23-16
min. 40: Bizău, held only for the offensive phase, scores spectacularly on the 9-meter line. 20-16

The second half has begun!

The first half is over!
min. 26: Black interrupts the good series of the Swedes. 14-11
min. 17: Dinamo is back in the game! Black scored on the break, from the far left. 8-7
min. 15: Bannour scores from the pivot. 8-5
min. 12: Vali Ghionea scores from the right wing. Missaoui intervenes in the next action of the Swedes. 7-4

The match started at 19:45!

Equal in the Champions League

The two teams also met in the last edition of the Champions League groups. Dinamo drew in Sweden, 29-29, winning 28-25 in Bucharest. In the first round of the European League, IFK lost 23-30 in Berlin to Fuchse. Surprisingly, after 7 consecutive victories in the Swedish championship, Kristianstad lost at home, in the last leg, 29-30 to Guif! Kristianstad is coached by former Swedish “national” star Ljubomir Vranjes.

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