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DigitalNote (XDN): Cryptographic gypto with massive use cases

DigitalNote (XDN): In our digital world as we know it, making sensible investment decisions is usually a bit difficult.

The rate of difficulty increases, however, when it comes to the world of cryptocurrencies, and the different possible choices that could be made. This difficulty with regard to which type of Crypto investing, is largely due to the prevalence of many cryptocurrency societies popping up (ugly or beautiful) in the crypto market.

One of these cryptocurrencies, with striking features is DigitalNote. What is DigitalNote (XDN)? And what are the things you need to know about them? These are some of the things that will be discussed in this article.

DigitalNote (XDN): Introduction and short history

In May 2014, DigitalNote was launched. Hence, it has been called or known as Ducknote. It was therefore renamed to Darknote and, finally, in June 2015, it was finally named as what we know to be today; DigitalNote.

DigitalNote (XDN) aims to be an open currency that everyone can benefit from, this goal seems to be feasible, considering their strong focus on cryptography, blockchain deposits of interest and the issue of privacy.

Also known as XDN, DigitalNote has been developed with the primary goal of improving the various protocols already established in the Blockchain technology. Some of these improvements include the promotion of equity within the network, the provision of true anonymity and the provision of greater security.

During the launch, there were no prominent ICO blocks for DigitalNote. This means that he had a good start. Having a fair launch implies that the currency is not likely to have developers of other single nodes on the network that hold unreasonably large pieces of coins.

DigitalNote (XDN): main features and unique aspects

An important feature of XDN is that it is an ASIC-resistant blockchain. XDN Blockchain is ACIS-resistant and offers discrete mining possibilities to the CPU and GPU. They are able to do this largely because of their improved algorithm that gives ASIC miners virtually no chance to unfairly enhance their mining power.

In addition, XDN has enabled the use of a totally secure, decentralized, private and peer-to-peer messaging system in which only the sender and recipient will be able to decode the message.

Furthermore, it will not be necessary to exchange the keys in advance as the message will be automatically decoded according to the contents of the transaction as soon as the receiver is in front of the block.

XDN has a minimum limit of 8.59 billion XDN, a 4-minute blocking time and a block premium of 150 XDNs. All this ensures that XDN has a fast, reliable and consistent network. It also boasts of a faster coin distribution program. Faster than most other Altcoins.

Using CryptoNote technology, XDN Blockchain hides the sending and receiving of addresses involved in any transaction. This means that its value can not be determined by the public Blockchain. They do this by combining several transactions in a controlled manner, using the CryptoNote protocols.

It is also noteworthy to know that XDN adopts the POS approach. This helps promote the level of equity in the network by not allowing miners to control ridiculously large amounts of the network. Rather, the level of energy and resources consumed by the Blockchain network is reduced.

Finally, XDN uses comments from encrypted transactions. This function allows the attachment of any message to the transaction by the users, which is then transmitted in Blockchain in an encrypted and secure way. This will make it impossible for someone browsing the public Blockchain to identify the sender of the comment. Thus, allowing the circumnavigation of censorship by users.

DigitalNote: where to spend the currency

Very few merchants, actually accept DigitalNote as a form of payment. It seems that for now the main purpose of XDN is to be exchanged on the stock exchange and to appreciate it in value. This situation is expected to change in the near future. Although XDN is part of the CoinPayments platform, it seems that few traders have actually enabled this feature.

DigitalNote (XDN): how to buy and store

DigitalNote (XDN) can be purchased and traded on Bittrex, Upbit and Altrex. It can be extracted using GPUs or CPU miners. Another way XDN can be earned is by depositing it in order to get stake rewards, the reward level obtained is determined by the stakeout period


XDN as it has shown great prospects and has a lot of unique features, will this Crypto stand the test of time? Only time will tell.

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