DigiByte is planning ASIC protection with its new continuous code change


The DGB project has launched its permanent ASIC resistors for greater decentralization of the network

The Digibyte cryptocurrency (DGB) is planning to become a permanent hardware hardware device resistant to the ASIC, the project plans to do so by continuously changing the mining mechanisms.

According to a Digibyte report:

"We are proud to announce that we are testing the next generation of Blockchain mining technology, imagine a mining algorithm that recreates every 10 days – no ASIC could ever be created for this – that's the true decentralized security of IT security at work."

In a Tweet posted on Twitter, the project aims to create a predictable and repetitive switching of the data mining algorithm that will be used. There have been some encrypted start-ups that have done everything to change the mining approach of some coins. This is conducted by asking the community through voting with mining power or nodes on the network. A modification of the data mining algorithm will force the renewed creation of ASIC hardware.

Digibyte Mining

The DGB cryptocurrency is planning the expansion and dissemination of the currency to achieve global adoption, as cryptocurrency is still one of the small-scale currencies on the market. The project is seen as sufficiently consolidated, which made the cryptographic assets of the Trezor Model T portfolio usable and provided an additional level of protection. The team wants the coin to be used instead of filing it. Rudy Bouwman mentioned thanked Trazor for supporting Digibyte and is now available from Trezor Beta Wallet, as we expect stable portfolios to arrive in a few weeks.

Digibyte extraction in the coming months

Digibyte is currently trading at around $ 0.02, taken in a downtrend in the last three months and is rising from $ 0.0034. The currency currently depends on Bittrex and Poloniex for much of its trading and also plans to start trading on Binance. The cryptocurrency has a 24-hour volume that is around $ 1 million, as it is also seen as a risky bet with potential payments.

In the coming weeks, the Digibyte project will benefit from the noise surrounding the London community gathering on November 18th. This cryptographic resource is focused on increasing its fan base and its ability to recover in order to position itself as one of the coins that is invulnerable to a 51% attack.

Digibyte mining rig

The DGB market was also a bit stagnant due to its relationship with Bitcoin (BTC), given that many cryptocurrency traders are paired with the main currency. The current position of DGB is rather limited. Currently the currency has very few ramps on rail that require a good price increase against BTC to gain a better position and not remain stagnant in space.

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