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Digi-Zipper: DigiByte (DGB) & # 39; s Unbroken Path to Redemption – Today & # 39; s Gazette

Founder of Digibyte (DGB) Jared Tate Lampoons Central Tech (PayPal, Facebook, Apple) Over Censorship

DigiByte (DGB) maintains an enviable position in the cryptic community and the reasons are quite obvious. The coin has an escape in every blind alley. While the scrambled market pulls the stunts to return to the bullish state, many altcoins are consolidating their holdings.

Now, the coins that have many cases of use are at the forefront to overcome the bleeding market. DigiByte (DGB) adds another touch to its cap with the addition of a new computer security tool.

Digi-Zipper: protection of cyberspace

At the margins of Q2 and Q3 of 2018, the cryptocurrency market was literally on its knees. The funds to continue operations seem to have taken the French leave and more coins have fought to remain relevant. At that point, the alternative way to endure the bear market was to invest in coins with potential future. DigiByte (DGB) was a good choice because of the stability propagandated in the price and multiple use cases.

Now, the currency blockchain is proposing a new computer security tool: Digi-Zipper. This will work in synergy with Digi-ID and will replace WinZip. The tool will be essential to zip and unlock encrypted files.

Without a doubt, DigiByte's blockchain (DGB) has many surprises for rich investors. Since the Digi-Zipper IT security tool was launched in the first quarter of 2019, it is worth remembering that the currency is positioning itself for a big upward run. This stems from the fact that WinZip has a lot of use cases and with the advent of Digi-Zipper, a security revolution could be in sight for cyberspace.

DigiByte (DGB) extracts the bear market

The need for the DigiByte blockchain (DGB) is not contested. This is due to the numerous hacks that have paralyzed the operations of many cryptographic exchanges. The security tools from the DigiByte stables will not only improve trust, but also increase blockchain operation.

With the launch of Digi-Zipper in the first quarter of 2019, the DGB currency could simply be out of the bear market. Investors are looking for coins that have many cases of use. This is what they get on the Digi-Zipper coming soon. Moreover, the reputation of the currency for stable prices is another valuable tool that counts.

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