Dieter Nuhr: Comedian defends himself from accusations of racism


Cologne –

Comedian Dieter Nuhr (60) experienced a shit storm on social networks on Thursday evening (November 12) after his ARD program “Nuhr im Ersten”.

A statement on Cologne-based journalist and podcaster Alice Hasters (31) autobiographical debut work titled “What whites don’t want to hear about racism, but should know” caused a sensation.

New statement on Facebook: Dieter Nuhr reacts to accusations of racism

After the scandal, Dieter Nuhr mistakenly considers himself a “racist” and steps forward again.

“I’m used to being labeled, but now I’m also accused of being a racist. Obviously I can’t let that accusation stand, “the comedian said in a new YouTube video.

“Do you always have to justify yourself? No, you don’t have to. But you can do it when the accusations get on your nerves … And the accusation of racism is one of the most perfidious … “he continues.

Alice Haster reacts to Dieter Nuhr’s criticism

Dieter Nuhr was accused of making false claims about the book. The title of Alice Haster’s book is, according to him, “a little too racist”.

Nuhr explained: “To believe that skin color – whether it is black or white, it doesn’t matter – automatically implies a certain attitude, this is classic racism. The woman seriously claims that as a white person I would automatically be a racist. “

“I’ve never said whites are racist because they’re white. All people are racially socialized, whites are privileged by racism. This is what they often don’t want to hear, but they should know, ”the author wrote on Twitter.

Alice Hasters’ book: So far only published in German

This was followed by a statement by Nuhr, who proved wrong and angry with many viewers: “The book was a huge success in the United States. To be honest, I think this form of false intellectuality on the part of an arrogant left is largely responsible for the fact that there may be something like Donald Trump. “

The claim that the book was a great success in America is not true: so far it has only appeared in German. Many viewers therefore find Nuhr’s claim exaggerated and accuse the comedian of judging a book but not having read it himself.

The main criticism: You couldn’t say what the author actually meant in his book based on the title alone.

Shortly after Nuhr’s testimony, Alice Hasters, 31, commented on the indictment via a Twitter message: “Did you know my book was a ‘big hit’ in the US?”

Other celebrities also criticize Nuhr, such as journalist and presenter Dunja Hayali (46) on Twitter.

Jo Lendle (52), editor of Carl Hanser Verlag, where Alice Haster’s book was published, commented on Facebook.

Among other things, he writes: “The book is indeed a ‘great success’. But with us. Alice Hasters is a German author, she wrote it in German, unfortunately we haven’t sold the rights in English yet. “

He also claimed that a copy of the book was on its way by post to Nuhr.

Dieter Nuhr: The answer will follow via Facebook

Meanwhile, Nuhr also commented on the allegations on Facebook. He admits he was wrong: “I was wrong. I actually meant: SUCH books are a big hit in the United States. Now there has been huge discussion about this because the book hasn’t even been published in the US. “

He then explains what he really meant: “What should actually have sparked discussions, however, remains that, in my opinion, the title assumes that people have a certain way of thinking based on skin color. In my opinion, completely justified indignation against racism against blacks should not be answered with a general prejudice against whites. This only deepens the trenches. “(People)


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