Details of the new Nokia 6300 4G and 8000 4G revealed


Nokia, which has released the new version of the 3310 model in recent years, has sadly failed to get the attention it expected. The new generation 3310, which is not preferred by users for its features that are back in time, has been put on the dusty shelves of history. Nokia 6300 4G is 8000 4G Models some features it became clear.

Nokia 6300 4G and 8000 4G features revealed

There are many iconic models produced by Nokia in the early 2000s. 6300, 3310, 6600, 6630, 6320, 7610 and models like the 8800 were cell phones with the best features of their time. The models of the Nokia 6000 series, which laid the foundation of smartphones with the Symbian OS operating system, have been appreciated by many users.

Nokia 6300 4G and 8000 4G features revealed

Symbian operating system Nokia, which is in step with the times due to the inadequacy of the operating system, Windows Phone After releasing the devices of their operating system, they couldn’t make any progress in competing with Android and iOS.

Today, many people still actively use iconic models such as the 6300. For this the company has begun to review its old models and put them back on the market. The Nokia 8000 4G model is expected to be based on 8800. Black, blue, gold and white The model to launch with color options 2.8 inch screen will come with.

Model 6300 4G 2.4 inch It is known for having a screen. Both models 240 x 320 pixels It is among the rumors that it will have a screen with resolution. Also, both devices KaiOS It should come with the operating system.

It is a matter of curiosity whether the new models will be silently forgotten, like the 3310, which came out in past years.

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