Decre (DCR) is listed on KuCoin while assets approaching the 4 month lows


Decred (DCR) will trade against Bitcoin (BTC) and Ethereum (ETH) on one of the most active Asian exchanges.


KuCoin, one of the most active crypto-solo exchanges targeted at both Asian and the international market, announced Wednesday listing Decred (DCR) a digital currency multi-platform with support for Windows, MacOS and Linux. This expands Decred's presence on Asian trade, in addition to Huobi and Upbit. DCR is also actively negotiated on Bittrex, but a Binance list is not being processed at least for now.

The full effect of the KuCoin listing would be heard Thursday evening, when business takes off, according to the program. DCR will exchange DCR / BTC and DCR / ETH pairs:

After the news, the price of the DCR has remained relatively unchanged, pressed by the general trend of the market of bears. The DCR stood at around $ 35.75 starting at 12:30 UTC on Thursday, gaining around 3.5% on a daily basis.

In the last quarter, the DCR has slipped significantly from a recent peak above $ 95 to a minimum of $ 40. The currency has a relatively low popularity, and the general mistrust of altcoins has damaged the trend.

The listing on KuCoin could help diversify the commercial profile of the DCR. In September 2018, DCR saw about half of its volumes compared to Bitcoin (BTC), which means that Bitcoin speculators could exert pressure on the currency. But DCR has a 40% share of matches against the Korean won, coming from the UpBit exchange, being one of the few goods directly supported by Korean trading.

Recently, the Exodus portfolio recalled that Decred was one of the projects supported within its portfolio: [19659005] The Decred project also sees its team continue to expand the ecosystem. It is planned to announce the completion of the Politeia governance system, as outlined in a tweet of September 5:

In the future, the Decred project will use the Politeia system for various grades, including the Decred Treasury grants.

The DCR digital asset is a two-tier currency, which uses both GPU and ASIC extraction, and a second-level nodes system to verify the transaction log.

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