David Schwartz of Ripple compares the price increase of bitcoins with the value of the XRP currency growing in the future

David Schwartz of Ripple compares the price increase of bitcoins with the value of the XRP currency growing in the future

Ripple is one of the most respected companies in the world of cryptocurrencies. He has worked with several companies in the financial sector, including banks and other payment companies. But the intention is to continue to grow even more. According to Ripple's CTO, David Schwartz, states that the XRP should increase in price in the future if it wants to help Ripple translate more value.

Ripple currently offers three different products on the market, xVia, xRapid and xCurrent. xRapid is used with XRP cryptocurrency, which is very important for the company if it wants to expand further. However, David Schwartz believes that XRP needs to grow further.

Ripple has a product known as Xpring created to allow companies to start using XRP cryptocurrency. With this initiative, it is possible to help blockchain companies adopt XRP for transactions and liquidity.

Chris Larsen and Stefan Thomas, people recommending the Omni blockchain project, told the company to make XRP's integration public. Omni aims to change the current perception that exists in the rental sector. In this way, you can rent things and get paid for them.

Using XRP it is possible for platform users to get in touch with the virtual currency world and be able to have a reliable, fast and secure way to send and receive money.

In addition, the Nexo loan processor for cryptocurrency has been integrated with XRP as the fifth virtual currency that will function as a guarantee in the network. However, the company has yet to confirm these new developments.

But if Ripple wants to move and be integrated into other participants who need to move funds quickly and safely, the XRP price should increase its value.

David Schwartz explained that in the past Bitcoin (BTC) could not be used to buy a house as its price was too low to process these operations. However, its price has grown and finally has been able to process larger transactions.

On the matter, Ripple's cryptographer chief said:

During the last quarter, Ripple said it had improved its XRP sales compared to the second quarter. Despite having a very good third quarter, XRP trading volumes declined compared to the first quarter.

Although Schwartz is asking for a higher XRP price, virtual currency has seen steady growth over the years. At the same time, he is a very respected player in the market, since he has worked with several companies all over the world. Furthermore, the number of companies working with Ripple continues to grow.

In 2019, if the cryptocurrency market begins to recover, XRP could also experience new historical highs. Ripple's CEO, Brad Garlinghouse, said that the company is positioned on a privileged point of view since it has achieved impressive results in recent years. Financial institutions, including banks and businesses, are able to process cross-border payments in seconds and without spending large amounts as with older systems.

The promising future of Ripple and XRP is closely linked to the use of institutions such as Banco Santander, the Saudi Central Bank and the Bank of England to give the network created by the company. This shows that society will not suffer from the problems that the cryptosystem is currently having. Ripple has real application proposals and they are working to improve them.

By the way, he cited:

"Ripple will not be a victim of the cryptocurrency craze in progress thanks to its real application, the evaluation of the price of the digital good will be sustained."

According to several experts, there is still room to grow in the market and record new records. There are possibilities to improve the network and to grow with the current price levels and market capitalization of XRP. The network of companies working with Ripple is growing in many different countries, increasing the chances that these companies have to send or receive money from different parts of the world.

One of the latest implementations was made by the Changelly virtual currency exchange. The company has decided to add XRP support by allowing users to exchange legal currencies for this cryptocurrency. However, the Changelly market department explained that it will allow users to purchase certain virtual currencies with debit or credit cards.

At the time of writing this article, XRP is the third most valuable virtual currency with a market capitalization of $ 17.86 billion. Each XRP coin can be purchased for $ 0.444321 dollars, according to CoinMarketCap. During the last few years, XRP was the second most valuable virtual currency after Bitcoin, which has a market capitalization of $ 110 billion.

Some individuals and enthusiasts believe that XRP could eventually become the second largest crypt Ethereum (ETH), which is currently in one of its weakest moments since it was launched. In the course of the year, ETH lost more than 85% of its value and could continue to fall in the coming months.

These things that we have marked show that Ripple and XRP are in excellent condition for future developments. Although the market is shrinking and the bear trend in the cryptocurrency world is not over, XRP and Ripple are working day after day to offer better products and services to the market.

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