Daughter of television doctor Dr. Johannes Wimmer has died

Maximilia was only nine months old: she died of cancer. Television doctor and bestselling author Dr. Johannes Wimmer mourns his daughter and now expresses himself in touching words.

The daughter of television doctor Dr. Johannes Wimmer died of cancer at the age of only nine months. Wimmer confirmed this in “Bild am Sonntag”: “Maximilia embarked on a journey to the stars in her sleep, safe and cared for in our bed”. The whole family could greet each other in peace and quiet.

Wimmer’s daughter suffered from an aggressive brain tumor diagnosed in August. Maximilia had not been in the clinic for a few weeks, but had received palliative care at home. In his statement, the 37-year-old expressly thanked doctors and therapists for being able to “spend the last moments on earth safely at home”.

The “Medicine – finally understandable” star finds heartwarming words about her daughter’s death and explains in the interview: “She completed her little, beloved life and we will keep her in good memories. It was a life full of love and laughter. to preserve both for ourselves in this difficult time. “

The Hamburg man has always been open about his daughter’s illness and has also given several interviews on television, the most recent being in the “NDR Talkshow” with Barbara Schöneberger and Hubertus Meyer-Burckhardt. There he stated: “I would give her relief from suffering, I would give my life for hers, but it is not possible.”

He also continued to inform his followers about the predicament via Instagram. After her daughter’s death, she posted a photo showing the little girl and wrote: “Our Angel Maxi”.

The many condolences under the post talk about the “little fighter” and how “cute” the girl is. They also wish Wimmer and his family “much strength” to face the tragic death. It is unclear when the NDR presenter will appear again on television with formats like “Dr. Wimmers Medizin-Quiz”. Together with Maximilia’s brothers and his wife, Wimmer has now ordered himself to rest.


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