Dangers of Using WhatsApp Gold


WhatsApp Gold is a tool that promises users more features than normal application offerings. For example, Allow blocking of all private chats and password protect them.

In addition, this platform promises to make video calls, send up to 100 images at a time in chats (the original only allows 30), delete messages after sending them, themes, icons, prohibit-proof, customizable in HD and other ’emojis ‘describes Marca.

however, this tool is not safe, it cannot be found in the app stores (App Store and PlayStore), therefore it could put users at risk.

It must also be said that WhatsApp Gold is nothing new and has been promising many benefits to users with a high level of insecurity for several years. According to Xataka Android, long ago this “app” It was sold as the “premium” version of WhatsApp that only celebrities use, this as a trick.

“Hey, finally the secret gold version of WhatsApp has been leaked. This version is used only by the super famous. Now we can use it too”, reads a message circulated on WhatsApp to seduce users.

Therefore, it is excluded that WhatsApp Gold is an official tool and it is only a fantasy.

“WhatsApp Gold is more of an illusion, a recurring scam that we can’t get rid of,” says that specialized portal.

WhatsApp may delete accounts

Gold isn’t the only threat, and there are others that could put users at risk. This is why WhatsApp decided to take action and suspend accounts that violate its policies by using apps not approved by the company, such as WhatsApp Plus or GB WhatsApp, the company explained on its website.

To avoid this inconvenience, do not use WhatsApp Plus, GB WhatsApp or those that claim they can transfer your conversations from one phone to another, as they violate the company’s terms of service and can also compromise your privacy because they are third-party applications, which makes it impossible to validate their security practices.


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